Advice welcome

So I’ve been with my coach for two seasons now, but unfortunately got injured for both the outdoor seasons. Mainly due to a disc bulge. Also tweaked both hamstrings prior to the indoor season this year. I’m just currently nursing a peroneal injury. My question is that the other night I did 2x5x30m all out and between runs I did 2 standing jumps and 2 jumps over a hurdle, both into sand. Then I did 4x100m with three minutes. I felt that this was way too much and wanted to do the jumps after all the runs. I felt that this was partly to blame for my soreness of my peroneal muscle.

I’m itching to do plyos like bounds and two footed bounds perhaps over hurdles, but he said I’m too fragile.

My weight sessions are also the following:

Max strength phase

Hang clean 5x5 - 85kg
Countermovement shrug jump - 5x3 - 130kg

I did do pull ups, deadlifts, hip thrusts and bench press. No squat. But he thinks my stabiliser muscles aren’t working which he said have caused my global muscles to overload - hamstring pulls.

Can anyone give some advice?

I’ve decided that I’m going back to basics and doing a push, pull and a squat plus the military press and seated row on alternative sessions.

I’m 25, 6"1 and weighing 175lb. I can only probably bench 105-110 for 1 and parallel squat 150kg. I think I could be way stronger, but sadly in 2010 to 2012 made the wrong decision to move coaches who didn’t prescribe weights.

Sorry if this a multiple topic question, I’m not sure whether it is in the right place as I’m new to this forum. Additional info: short to long approach - started with accels plus tempo type session after accels on Monday and Thursday. Last 4 weeks have been - accels and jumps between reps + 2x4x60m 30s/5m between reps and sets. Progressed to 3x3x60 then the following week - 2x4x80m 45s/5m. Upto last week - as above.

No clue what you are asking

Lol that was quite a big post.
I think my strength levels are behind on what they should be.
Bench: 3x5x90kg
Hang clean: 3x5x90kg
Squat: 2x6x120-130kg

I’m 25 and 6"1.

I’ve just started the above because of my opinion of not being strong enough but I’m approaching competition phase - maybe 4 weeks. Not sure what to do with the weights now. Stick at this or reduce the volume. I’ve spent countless hours searching these threads I just want a tried a tested weight programme in line with Charlie’s stuff that will keep my strength levels up whilst I compete.