Advice please

Hey there!
I would appreciate any thoughts on my weekly plan for this week.
Snow forecast all week and low and behold they’ve got it right (snowing as we speak) so training gonna be screwed. I’ve got an indoor meet Sat/Sun and the likelyhood is that the track won’t be useable and we have no indoor facilities so what would be a good strategy to make the most of a bad week. The race isn’t high priority but as it’s my first indoor meet I would like to get off to a good start. I did SE1 session yesterday (sun) and was planning to do speed tuesday and tempo thurs, however in lieu of the weather what would be the most productive training for me to do this week?
My thoughts are:
Mon: Tempo - treadmill
Tue: Weights - (total body)
Wed: Tempo - treadmill
Thur: Weights - total body

If snow happens to clear up by thurs would try and do some accelerations and a few short sprints up to 60m.

Any thoughts?

You can do accelerations somewhere inside (somewhere), right? They can be beneficial even if they are only ~15m.

Yeh, considered that, my only opportunity is on an indoor tennis court. Might have to give it a go just not sure how much grip i’ll get with my trainers on, on a carpeted court.

Dont worry about grip, perform 3x3x20 OR 5x20 harness pulls, 5x20 3pt starts with 4x20 speed bounds or hurdle hops.

Here’s what you need to ask Santa for:

If you can’t do harness pulls, I would do my “speed day” with plyos–box jumps, alternate leg bounding drills, SLJ…stuff like that. But you’ve got to get enough recovery time before the race.

Thanks for your advice guys! Things worked out ok actually. On monday did some intervals on the treadmill (normal ones not the freaky fast ones that IKH suggested :slight_smile: ).
Did 45sec at 18kph followed by 45sec brisk walk. Did this for 20mins then last nite some kind fellow had cleared about 40m of track of snow so we were able to do some accelerations and some bounding so wasn’t a total washout afterall.
Will be interested to see Charlie’s Basement workout when it’s out as it might be just the thing for us.