Adidas vs. Nike vs. Reebok

We knew this was going to happen sooner or later. So here it is, its a gloves off disco bloodbath between Adidas, Nike and Reebok.

What do you all think? About the shoes, their companies? What makes a good shoe a good shoe? Why?

Barefooted running - go nekkid!

Adidas all the way. I once was a Nike guy.

I think Nike got caught up in the fashion and forgot about the athlete. All the companies have to sell shoes and gear and all have their niche in the fashion industry. I think Nike shoes have lost their quality as well. Nike seems to put a lot of technology into making their shoes but they didn’t wear like the shoes of the late '70’s and 80’s. That’s good for them because you have to buy a new pair every three months because of wear and tear and also the fashion changes or the next celebrity/athlete is wearing a certain style.

I like Nike commericals and how they market their gear.

I think Adidas with its European roots caters more to athletes.


adidas is reliable! Nike is just for the showing off.

I’ll wear anything that’s flexible with a good fit. For me, that’s typically adidas, but I have some Nike maxcats that I like, too. Wore some Reeboks years ago and didn’t like them much.

Its all about New Balance and Mizuno! They make shoes for your feet not for your ego.

Spot on! Though I think Asics are possibly a little better than both…

I agree…

Mizuno and Asics for me…

LOL! Seems like we post that at the same time!

What can I say, great minds think alike!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Never had Mizuno.

I wear Nike.

But in a running shoe I always found Adidas to be good as well as Nike.

I found Asics just didn’t last me long.

I’ve had three pairs of Nikes blow up on me, finally learned my lesson and got a great pair of Mizunos, which are way way better. Mizuno all the way.

I’m Voting for Mizuno-

Their trainers fit the largest variety of foot types.

For myself, the Mizuno Wave Mavericks fits like a glove- I own 5 pairs of different styles and models.

I’m making a comeback to compete in Master’s Events; so, I’ve been trying out many different spikes.

I have a pair of Mizuno Chrono Dash spikes- these are in a class all their own.

Also have a pair of the Mizuno Tokyos (the Canadian version like the ones Oba has worn in the past).

The Mizuno Speed is a quality sprint spike for a beginner

Pretty much have to say Nike. Adidas don’t fit my feet terribly well. Asics aren’t too great for me either, my last pair of Asics (spelling) barely last a week before parts started coming out of them. (luckily i could return them) Currently, my nike spikes have indestructable and fit great…what more could i ask for. (besides better manufacturing policies, oh well, like that will happen :slight_smile: ).

Although, i have to say that Montrail makes some really good distance shoes. I haven’t met a single ultra-marathoner who doesn’t like them. If those guys aren’t a good test group for shoe durability, no one is.

I haven’t worn any Reebok shoes in ages!

For myself I find Adidas fits my foot better than Nike.
But as the same time not all Adidas shoes are great and not all Nike shoes are bad, depends on the individual and the type of shoe.

Where did you get these! I’ve been looking for some for ages. I have a pair of Geo Sparks and they are quality and fancy going one better but I will have to wait till I go to Japan next year b4 i can pick some up.

i have mizuno tokyos

but i wear nike jumping spikes because nobody at the time made any except for them…

if were talkin bball shoes then nobody comes close to nike

or clothing

I like asics for running shoes and spikes, but all three other brands have much better clothes. It depends on when, like now, I’m liking adidas and its “impossible is nothing” campaign. But last year Nike had the “you’re faster than you think” promotion and I liked it better then. I think marketing is pretty important for me (when sports style is the question). But for sports shoes, I think asics and mizuno are best.

Does anyone from the Toronto area know where I could get my hands on a good variety of Mizuno’s? I have never used them, but wouldn’t mind trying a pair of runners. Charlie? anyone? thanks in advance…

For clothing I wear more nike then anythign else and I have nike shorts that I wear for sprinting (I hate compression shorts). I wear Socony spikes and like them a lot. I have Brooks shoes that I use for training.