Adidas vs. Nike vs. Reebok

I’m so sad to see Nike leading after35 votes!! Guys come one. Whats this?! Its pretty obvious whos better.

you’re right man. Adidas is the way to go. I have tried nikes asics (pretty good too ) mizuno ( the old ones sucked real real bad ) and I have settled for adidas. Nothing better

Where are you located at?

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I have realy liked using the Asics DS trainers the last couple of years.

Nike obviously.

hahaha, that was a nice joke :smiley:

I agree. It was real funny! :smiley:

There´s more concept in Adidas products but better spike i ever used was Olympikus.

Nike, even if they last only a season.

Pre 1999 seemed more durable.

I love the Superfly from 1999 (yellow/red), the one Mo used to set the WR. Later on they just got fancier and slightly heavier.

Mizuno all the way…nothing else will do…My Mizuno SS V’s are King.

mizuno! Then Nike

I dont think that this voting is fair. Correct me if I’m wrong but didnt Adidas and Reebok merged. As for myself, I’ve tried all 3 and Nike fits me the best. Cudos for Adidas for their “Impossible is nothing” ad and a close 2nd to Nike for their “Your faster than you think” ad. Clothes wise the all 3 are pretty good plus you have to throw in UnderArmour for clothes.

Don’t know but Puma are sharp these days, both fashion and performance. Reckon they stuck at it long enough to pull through. Linford done good :cool:

With Nike I’ve had wear problems, air bubbles pop, and one time I completely ripped the toe off one of my shoes in a lacrosse game. The warranty is weak. When I sent a pair in they gave me another pair, but I got it ONE YEAR LATER! Other than that, I don’t mind them. When I purchase basketball shoes I always go with Nike because you don’t really have a choice. They’ve been making them for so long that nobody can really compete in the b-ball market. Jordans, Lebrons and Carters are good shoes.

For runners, I wouldn’t buy Nike’s. They’ve got those weird shox’s on almost any runner they make plus other companies can compete in this market. I have a pair of Sauconys right now that I don’t have a problem with.

As far as apparel goes, I like Reebok and Nike shorts. I’ve never liked Nike shirts, they always fit awkwardly.

Reebok is taking over the industry. Look at their involvement with the NHL, NFL and other leagues. They will be the new apparel giant in my opinion. I doubt they will ever produce reliable shoes though.

You are right.

Another vote for Asics.

I beluieve the poll should include where you live.
I believe that most of the Nike responses will be from Americans
I myself prefer Mizuno - when I competed

But of course Diadora was teh most styling - especially Ben JOhnson in the NEON

a few years ago when i was still running, i went to a sports store to buy some mizuno racing flats to do my tempo runs. the young girl at the store must have been hard up for a sale that she tried to get me to buy a pair of the nike shocks, informing me that they would be a better choice for tempo cause the shocks will propell me foward. I asked her if she was lying to me. she got too embarrassed.I ended up getting a pair or addidas racing flats.

I have been really impressed with the Adidas training shoes the last few years, the ones with the adeprene in the forefoot. I have loved Mizuno training shoes and spikes for years. I don’t like the Nike spikes and haven’t for years, they all have that stupid snub toe. However, Nike does make the best football shoes, comfortable, with a good toe.

i like nike for sprinting coz they have a light weight but efficent shoe (monster flys) but i like adidas in jumps ( adistar lj & tj)