ok my ART guy was astounded at the tightness of my gastroc and other muscles near the achilles on my right leg which he also noticed is shorter then my left, he then did some stretching. Man oh man did it hurt but on the track my calfs feel even more uncomfortable as if the chronic nagging pain from the soleous muscle shin splints came back. He says they got overworked and there are some adhesions there…My question is while im doing sprints should i be feeling such uncomfort? or will it go away and improve my bounds, cause he says this may also be the case with me not having that good a pushoff. I did’nt even do weights its been a week now, just upperbody no squats cause i was so exhausted and this annoying pain didnt help, especially from my PB the last weekend on squats i think i got fatigued for the week.

sometimes while you sprint the pain for some people may actually go away, so its not uncommon to feel pain even while you are running. I would says to treat like any other injury, unless there is some underlying pridisposing problem, such as, icing, maybe some hydrotherapy and ART.

Where in the training period are you? Do you have any important meets coming up, or is there some other important factor that necessitates sprinting at the moment?

If not, take a week or two off from sprinting, work on rehab and come back without pain; and consequently faster than before – quality over quantity. Tightness in the muscles near the tendon is a recipe for disaster; tightness in the lower calf area increases the pressure on the tendon greatly.

Btw.: Easy deep-squats are excellent for the tendon area. The results with them, even if regarding rehabilitation of ruptured achilles-tendons, are great.