Adductor training.

Seen the adductors on Dwain Chambers? They r freaking huge, not just his quads & hams.
I read somewhere that the adductors have a very important function in sprinting when u r pulling your leg through /forwards. They ofcourse pull your thighs inwards.
The main reason my legs look skinny is becuase I don’t have much in the way of adductors so what r some good training exercises for them?

I know of the Zig Zag stepping over hurdle type drills, & T-mag recomend
plate dragging.
It seems to me that even single leg squats or lunges don’t do much for the adductors.

I will incorperate;

Hurdle Zig Zag step drills.
Plate dragging. (inwards & outwards.)

Maybe side lunges with just bodyweight (as a flexability exercise)as I’m doing enough weights stuff as it is.

Pavel Tatsouline reckons plate dragging was a favourite with many former East European track athletes.
Anybody do any xtra stuff for their adductors? :slight_smile:

Im a powerlifter and use a wided stance for the squat and that REALLY develops the abbductors, and the whole posterior chain.

You could perhaps try wide squats as well…

adds are sometimes negleted by sprinters and they play an immense role while sprinting.i have used side lunges with dumbell,wide squats,front lunges,leg adductor and abduction mc’s with good results.there is not one exercises you can do which will strenghten your adds,variety!

Last night I added some xtra work for adductors;

Side lunges; intensity is to low in my opinion.
Hurdle step drills; Pretty good.
Plate dragging; Not enough space in my home gym for number of reps
needed etc… No eccentric portion.

A bit dissatisfied with the above exercises, apart from the hurdle drill which I am calling “hurdle Zig Zag’s”.

I might buy some prop. I’ve seen those “thigh trimmers” for women that you can buy in Argoss but there’s no way they are going to stimulate much intensity for a male and/or athlete.
Must be something out there… :slight_smile:

Regular full oly squats will hit em, they sure do for me. Mine hurt quite a bit everytime I squat…

just need to angle the feet out a tad, they work hard in the bottom half of the full squat

I’m not sure why adductors would be a problem for sprinters but squats also hit mine well. There is actually an adductor machine in most gyms but it usually only used by women…you sit up with legs straight out in abduction and then clsoe them into adduction.

What can happen over time is that for one reason or another they stop firing properly.

This is why I like to include a 2-3 week prehab routine at the start of each major period (1-3 per year) that encompasses such things as adductor/abductor work with theraband or cable, single leg bodyweight work, various single leg hip/thigh/back extensions etc. Lots of very slow repetitions.

We have found it be extremely beneficial before getting into the ‘real’ work. Its not something you need to do all the time though.

I guess it wouldn’t be a good idea to do too much adductor work, since if the adductors are too muscular, the thighs would rub together when one sprints! It looked like Dwain’s were almost doing this last season and he wasn’t running too well.

If you get a chance could you give a sample session from this period?