Active Rest from your 2004 Season

I know a lot of you guys season has ended by now.
Question: How long are you guys resting before you start back
training for the '05 indoor season? 5-6 weeks?

Since my hip flexor began hurting towards the end of the season i am playing it safe.

I took a week off of lifting. And now i have been lifting everything exept squats and oly.lifts for the past 5 weeks. This week i am starting my regular lifting program 4x a week incoparating everything. I will not be doing any running for a few more week where then i will prob start only going through the warmup. Real training for 2005 will start in october.

One week off, doing nothing at all, then JUL, AUG, SEP repeat same program of APR, MAY, JUN with one or the other week off (hiking) and generally taking it easy for 3 months, just experimenting how trainig less works on my performances having the feeling in my case “less” could lead to “more”.

Last comps end of SEP; First week of OCT off -> then start of indoor 05 training (nothing but weights, plyos and acceleration; i’ll only run 50m races in ind05…)

Well I’m already back in training, but since my season was cut short due to injury I figured it wasnt a very intense/taxing season so I only took a week off.


I think most athletes should take the summer off as well. But what about those who compete in AAU/USATF during summer. The season is not over for them until the end of July. So how do they get the rest, and will they suffer burnout by doing that?

Well I run USATF but seeing that I got the flu dring the week of the wualifying meet for Junior Olympics and World Youth Im finished till indoor so I will start back training in Sept or October.

Those athletes need to make sure bofore they start their post season that they are injury free from their actual season. If so, then a recovery week or two should be taken and their workouts and meets during post season need to be monitored closely to ensure no dropoff in performances in training or meets, sickness, and burout are occuring. If at any time there are any signs of anything negative that i mentioned occuring the post season should be halted. If all goes well and they are competing thru july then as soon as the post season ends they should take 1 week of active recovery follwed by a week or 2 of doing nothing followed by active recvoery (something other than track) until training for the indoor season starts.

My athletes are training now. Nothing heavy, pretty much ALL speed work, no speed endurance. I plan on having them do this until about the end of September, take a few weeks off until maybe the second or third week of October, then start again.

The last week of May was the end of our season. They went 4 weeks without doing a thing until they started back to what they’re doing now. What do you think aout this setup? Will this, IYO, cause burnout?

Im really not sure to be honest with you.

It does seem like alot of speedwork though and persoanlly i dont think i would feel as free and i wouldnt be as hungry witout more time off.

Interesting. . . .

I’ll see how it goes and will let you know.

My last meet was last saturday and also my worst. I felt tired. Im gonna take a week off. Then im gonna start lifting and doing light tempo on the grass until september to keep the weight down. My main focus is the weight room until November