Action Plan for Anterior/Medial Knee Pain

I tried to summ the things up regarding knee anterior/medial knee pain (tendonitis-tendonosis?)

Myofascial release

  • Foam roll the glutes, ITB, adductors, rectus femoris, calfes

Stretching/mobilizing exercises

  • Hip flexor stretch
  • Adductor stretch
  • Rectus femoris stretch
  • Ankle mobilization
  • Hip internal/external rotators stretch

Glute Activation

  • Cook Hip lift
  • Bridge with belt or elastic band between knees
  • Single Leg Bridge
  • Abductors strenghtening/activation (side raises w/ankle weights, plate pushes)
  • External hip rotators strenghtening/activation (with band or with manual resistance)

VMO exercises

  • Terminal knee extensions with band
  • Petersons step ups
  • Backward sled pull

Single leng strenghtening exercises

  • Bulgarians
  • Single leg squats with bands

Landing mechanics (jump and stick)

  • Double leg landing mechanics
  • Single leg landing mechanics

your getting knee pain (well one of your guys) in both areas at the same time?:eek:

Naaah… aimmilar approach can be used with medial OR anterior knee pain. In medial knee pain check stiffnes of adductors, etc

Don’t stretch your quad, you don’t know if your GTO system is stressed.
Work on low back too.

Uhm…do you have an EMS device?

RICE is underrated too

No, we don’t have EMS. Thanks for the quad tip (don’t stretch it [too much])

I would rather say it is OVERRATED. On every injury, pain, etc, docs say: ‘Put some ice!’. Ice, ice, ice, ice… Why do doctors exist when only thing they can do is to say put some ice! F*ck! :mad:
I read somewhere that ice actually iritates tendinosis, which is usually misdiagnoses with tendinitis.

Anterior/posterior. Ah, got to love the medical terms.

Guys, please note that this ‘action’ plan is only hypothetical. The real ‘action plan’ depends on the diagnosis, symptoms, what is causing symptoms and source of the problem. Having screwed meniscus is not ‘anterior knee pain’…
This is more aimed toward over-use injuries (tendonosis) due poor hip control (adductors, external rotators, glutes), overtight muscles (hip flexors, adductors, calves, ITB, rectus femoris). The aim to adress the source of the problem, not the problem itself (altought I included some terminal knee extension exercises anyway).

I know over here, everybody knows that they should RICE, but, Dont, most poeple i have seen here are too lazy to use it, or, wait a few days Try it and wonder why it dont work then dont use it again.
RICE is really only good for the 1st day or two.

RE- overtight muscles, its amazing how many dont even think to look there!! ie, i start prodding around the upper forearm of this one lady and she is like, “why are you looking there, its my wrist that is sore?” then when i find the RATS running under her skin in the upperforearm and release it, she is like “wow, i can more my wrist again!!” And thats just one example of many. Tight painfull joints can normally be traced back some distance away to a tight out of balance muscle.

But, but your a DR…

RICE is “good” for some injuries, but IMO, massage around the problem/injury, passive movement, hot/cold, epsom salt bath, ems, microstretching, arnica comp (shot and cream) are a better solution.

check here:

That article is a commercial for the books! I don’t know if they are good but they are expensive (30$ for 100pp). And BTW he didn’t mentioned what injuries to treat with MICE?

Yea that article is shady. Not a good persuasive argument for dumping RICE at all.

The basic concept is MOVE your muscles during injury (in safe manner), my intention was not sell AIS book :smiley: sorry :smiley:

I know that wasn’t your intention jamirok! BTW how are the books? I am now dealing more with injured players than with ‘healthy’ players, thus I am looking for some good book on injury prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
How are those books by Aaron Mattes? Anyone here have Clinical Sports Injuries book?

The best is do seminars/courses on myofascial techniques (mobilization, trigger point), books are great for generate new idea or to see how others work, but you have to learn on the field.
AIS book is stretching and stretching is a waste of time with injuries (but can complete a good manual therapy session).

I can suggest you this books (

Marc Coseo: the acupressure warmup.
Art Riggs: deep tissue massage.
J.Maitland: spinal manipulation made simple.

Thanks for the tip jamirok! Are studiing PT or are you a practitioner already?



I have found Mattes work useful and the Clinical Sports Medicine book is a great reference book to have.