Acilles tendon

Sometimes my achilles tendon on my right leg becomes slightly sore. Mainly after a speed session. Anyone else suferred with this problem? How can I prevent this from getting worse? :frowning:

hassan, is it a chronical problem or just now and then? Is it sorer after you had a longer break from sprinting or if you do several sprint sessions closer to each other?

Lorien, it’s a just a problem that occurs now and then and so far it’s not that major. I’m worried incase in gets worse. It usualy happens when I have many speed sessions together. Do you think that could be it? I practice my starts from blocks 3times a week and the pain usually occurs after the first few steps from the blocks and then it goes away and then comes back when i’m slowing down.

What about trying with only one or max two block-start session per week just to see if the pain goes away. Make sure you keep the calf and tendon flexible and have some cold therapy 3-5 times a day. You might as well have a massage in order to loosen your muscles and that way reduce some pressure on the tendon.

The general rule for me (regarding achilles tendon problem) is: 1) if the pain gets worse during the training session there’s probably something ruptured or badly inflamed and you need to hav a longer break from training to get it fixed. 2) If the pain stays the same or if it goes away during your training session there are good possibilities to fix it with some modifications to your training.

thanx lorien. I have been resting it and it is getting better. I will cut down on the speed work and maybe do more tempo work.

There was a similar post about a month ago.
I had a similar problem - I started using ice after every session and arch supports and it gradually got better. Now after treatment and having built up strength I get no pain at all.

Was the problem with the tendon on ur rear leg ?
I found a steeper angle on the rear block puts less pressure on the tendon during starts -
obviously you need to bear in mind how this adjustment may affect ur technique -
but too shallow an angle on block settings might find out any weakness you have in that area .

As mentioned elsewhere ( in recovery ) heel drops after speed will help strengthen and repair ur achilles - my problem has greatly improved since doing 2-3 sets of 10 after both speed and tempo

If your achilles is continually tight, first check your calf muscles. I can pretty much guarantee they’re tight and the inability of the calf to function normally to absorb shock leads to achilles problems. Treat the calves first with manual massage. Do it yourself if you cant afford therapy and try a wrap. (Apply some heat rub to the area before bed. wrap loosly with some plastic wrap and cover loosly with some elastic bandage or equivalent. Leave overnight and you should get some relief after a few days.)

Thanx Charlie, I was getting very light pain there after Mondays session and it got worse after Wednesdays session. It’s better now but in future I will apply what you have suggested. Many thanx to all.


i had a problem and fought it for around 2 years until a physio (after seeing around 5 or 6 of them) suggested I had weak calves and advised me to build up the strength in them very progressively.

Her advice was to start doing calf raises on the 45 degree leg press with no weights on initially, only the cage, and then slowly increase the weights by 5kg, as my soreness/stiffness would allow, until I could raise my body weight, and then progress to standing calf raises and carry on adding weight as I could handle it.

Now I know calf raises are not used in the CFTFS programme, but this routine is worth a try if it keeps you injury free and running.

Hope this can be of some help.


I have a hamstring tendon problem. My chiro has told me not to push training and not to back off too much.

Told me to use a heat rub after training. Has anybody else had a similar problem. Because so far everybody I have spoken too has said I should stop and rest it.

The heat rub appears to work, but how do I know.

There’s nothing wrong with doing calf raises for therapy, or for strength for that matter- if needed. I’ve just found that most of the athletes I’ve worked with have developed their calves through the training.

Hi Charlie,

What kind or rep range would you suggest for calf raises? I have been told to use a high rep range.

I have had numerous issues with tendonitus and I’ve been told that soleus tightness was to root of my problem. I’ve notices that when I get it massaged out and do strengthening techniques it feels much better. One good example is the lowering of a weight load starting on the balls of the foot for 3X 20

I massage my calves in the bath and again with oils after each workout -
it doesn’t take long and it’s worth the trouble - its probably one part of the body you can succesfully work on urself
make sure u work upwards away from the foot towards the knee joint rather than down - you can go in deep or gently - either will help -
dividing the two halves of the muscle with the point of the fingers seems to help too - enjoy lol