achillies sorness/tightness

Hey guys,

I experienced some tightness today in my achillies at the end of my speed work, it is quite tight and sore at the moment, is there anything i could do to help it out since this insnt the best time of the year for me to miss any training. thanks


I’ve had achilles tenderness since my high jumping days, despite calf flexibility. I’m trying a new strength exercise, one legged free-standing calf raises standing on a weight plate. I’m trying this because I’ve noticed that when my achilles has hurt the most, it’s been most painful to raise up on the ball of my foot on the injured leg…

Get a bucket and fill it with ice and water approx 50-55 degrees fareignheit. Soak for 15 mins. Or take a dixie cup and fill it with water, let it freeze and give your achillles an ice massage. Also id reccomend taking tomaorrow off and going in the pool if possible.
How about epson salt? anyone…

why is it tight…that my friend is the real answer.

stand up put your arms straight out on a wall lunge forward into the wall with one leg forward and one leg back. Move your front leg to the wall, the back leg should be straight the front leg bent and forwars.Damm I wish I had a picture someone must have of this strecth it’s a basic type calf stretch.Fooling around with this stretch helped and helps me get rid of achillies soreness.
Clemson he could have a bonespur or something like that.I have problems with one of my legs regarding soreness and tightness and I believe it is because of a bonespur on my toe.

Charlie always says - calf tightness is a major cause - self massage b 4 and after has helped me a bit -
Ice definately - I also do 2 x 12 double heel drops off a step after speed work - this stretches and strengthens the tendon .
Mebbe do next tempo session in pool & next speed session on good grass as a change .

mail me for advice but with more details

The soreness is probably due to spasm in the calf muscles, probably soleus. The tissue can be tight even if range of motion is good (I’ve learned that the hard way).

A simple way to massage the calves is to cross your leg over the opposite knee while sitting in a chair and use the knee to work the calf muscle.

You might also have muscle tension in the feet which can contribute to excess tension in the calves. If the feet muscles are in spasm they can’t handle their share of the load, which makes the calves work harder (another hard lesson). Massage the bottom of your feet with a small rubber ball while either sitting or standing. Ideally, you should be able to put most of your weight on the ball without feeling any pain in the foot. I think you’ll be surprised at how tight and tender those foot muscles are.

Flash points out that many muscles and joints take up the load for landings. If something is in spasm and not available to help out---- expect overload to tendons. Not only is there a loss in performance, but risk of injury skyrockets. Perhaps this post should go to the sprinting and injury thread.

Flash, I will email you my foot complex exercise progression to both strengthen and restore this area after school is out.

After starting training again after an extended layoff I had trouble with my right achilles for months.

A combination of ice and arch supports (to help correct slight overpronating) and it came right within a week.

I used a plastic freezer pack yesterday and iced my achilles for about 15min. After I took the pack off I noticed what I can only describe as frostbite in spots where the pack was. Today the same area is red and sore-- like a burn.

Anyone have any experience with this? Im racing on Saturday and I would hate for something so stupid to interfere. Also, what was I doing wrong?

never put ice like that on directly unless you wrap it in a towel.

get a polysty cup,freeze it.peel away and rub the ice onto the will not cause the frostbite effect as the ice will melt with the heat and constant rubbing

pettigrl1 I have had this experience its a weird feeling. I would cut the time down to 7-10 minutes when the ice is in direct contact with the skin. Goodluck in your race.

yes, do not put ice directly on the skin or risk nasty blisters!

Thanks All,

I will get some dixie cups and I hope the current level of soreness/tenderness goes away soon.

My “race” on saturday is actually a pre-party quadrathalon that we have organized for my friends.

The events will be 100m, long jump, shot put and 400m. As none of us are in very good shape right now I think the event will soon be known as the “Injury Cup”