Acceleration VS Max Velocity

How would you train these things differently. Here is my thoughtst tell me if i’m wrong.

For acceleration it seems you would train from the start and between 10-60 meters. Maybe not even as far as 60 meters. maybe 40 meters tops.

But for max velocity your distances would obviously have to be longer. Would you train max velocity with a flying start building up speed as you go? maybe distances would range from 60 to 100 meters if your focus is on 100 meter race?

And also could these both be trained in the same week or will that be to tough on the CNS?

CFTS Training for Speed

yes u can train both in the same week acc on mon and max v on wed or f. acc work is best done btw 10-30 maybe 40m at times. max v is best develop by flying 20’s, ins and outs and 40-60m sprints.

I usually work on MaxV and acceleration in the same session. I always work on MaxV first with flying 20’s or similiar work. Then i follow that up with acceleration work and starts. After 5-6 maxV sprints i usually feel like i have plenty left in the tank to work on acceleration. After acceleration work i usually do some plyos OR i go to the weight room.

-Because of the stress on the CNS we all can only get in 2-3 speed sessions a week. I wish i could do speedwork every day but obviously that is impossible for everyone. Why spend an entire speed session working on just one aspect of speed improvement (ie MaxV or acceleration)?? As long as you don’t spend too much time and energy during the session focusing on just MaxV or acceleration, you can work on both in the same session. Thoughts?

I know this may be a stupid question but what exactly is a flying 20? Do you build up speed for a few meters and then go all out for 20 meters?

stop asking and do some research…

I’ve done some research and can’t seem to find alot of high quality info on sprinting on the net. Thus i’ve turned to asking questions. Didnt think it would be such a big problem but i guess i was wrong.

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Yes, that’s it! You build up for 20-30 m and then you are going all out for 20 m focusing on good arm action!

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im chilling bc my longhorns won. just not gonna answer a question that is all over the board.

Thank you.

I think this seems like a good idea. This kind of seems like the conjugate method for sprinting. It seems for the most part in the research i’ve done about 1 tempo session, 1 max velocity session and 1 acceleration session is done a week.

And sense i’m doing this pretty much just for fun and something else to challenge myself i can only make it to the track about twice a week on top of my weight room work. So this seems like a very good idea for me.

More than 1 tempo session a week unless you are untrained.

While UT was harsh, he was right. All of this is available for free on the site and for less than the cost of a lunch in the form of ebooks from the store.

I understand and agree. You can always ignore it though… OK, enough.

I usualyy hit top speed at about 50-60. So if I wan’t to train top speed I guess it would be no good idea to just reach it and then out… I guess an 80 would give me the chance to hold on to the top speed segment and then out before I’m in maintanance. I’ve tried flys… But to say the truth. I never reach my top speed unless I do more than 40-50 build up!! Thats the only time when the segments in a 20-30 fly come to something like 0.98-0.96-0.96. And still when I do a full effort 80 for example the splits from 60-80 are better. To me there has not been a better way to hit and improve that max speed segment other than to come with full acceleration and hol on distances from 80-100. I also don’t prefer 120 onwards. Because accelerating from a curve is still not the ideal way to enter the top speed as soon as possible. I work that way on acceleration and top speed at the same time. But I want to point out one thing though. I do need very strong recovery on the days in between such sessions as 4-6 80m. Or 3-4 100m. But the results are always stunning. I know it might not be prefered by a lot of people here but I just wanted to give what I have experianced. May be someone could benefit from that. Or may be someone can add on or may be fix something of what I do. I really would love that. Because the topic of top speed has really been confusing me for a long while. comments please and thanks for everyone in advance

WHAT r u talking about enough?

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how is your acceleration?

Please Nik don’t get caught in side arguments with anything other than acceleration and top speed on this thread. I know you will be able to handle it. Because I really admire your posts and I want this thread to concentrate on the topic at hand and I want your great posts as well.

My acceleration has always been way better than anything else. like today. I was running about 90% 60s cause I have a sore calf and skipped my last massage session. Will do a very good massage session tomorrow and everything will be fine. That aside back to the 60s. I did 6.5. The last time I did a pure acceleration session I did 6.46 on the 60 after 30s 40s and 50s. my best 60m was 6.28. done twice on two separate occasions, with different timers. then there are a little 6.3s and a the rest are mainly in the 6.4. I hit 3.97 in the 30m electronically and that was somewhere in the time I was just doing acceleration cause top speed was messing my back. Now I concentrate on top speed most of the times. And at last the times are transforming to the 100m.

I Used one of Charlies ideas of frying the CNS and takeing good recovery and rest and coming back with great times. I did 4 sessions of 3 x 100m out of blocks electronically timed. with tempo sessions in the days in between. And then 3 days of complete rest cause my body was breaking down. A 2 hours massage session on my legs and then the next day I did a new personal best in the 50m with shoes. 5.44 and the day after i did a trials. ran 60m and looked at my brother in the stands until I identified him and then pointed to him till the finish. 2 timed. 10.49 and 10.43 hand. Then it was the cairo meet 3 days later. And here I was going to BLOW on that fast track. I had Amr seoud in my heat. A good friend and fast competitor (6th in the final of the last African champs. )
But sadly the starter was so poor that when the gun went off 3 guys went before the gun. So me and Amr stood up and looked at each other as if the race was going to stop. But it didn’t. The other guys started according to these 3 gusy starts and we were left behind. So we went racing after them :eek: It was a poor heat. But the thing that excited me the most is that I caught them passed them at 50 and started taking a good leed and Amr just edged me on the line. It took us may be a second or so to know that they went out. we did 10.8s hand. of course we didn’t get in the overall rank and we were making so much fun about it. Anyway. But what I’m sure of is that it was about a second when I stood looked at Amr and blast. I knew I was in the best from ever and I knew Amr was in 9 second hand but I never knew that I would go with him.

This is the most recent result I have seen from doing top speed running at 80-100m. In this case it was the straight 100m. I had previous experiance with such results before my major injury where I was doing such work and did my p.B. then of 10.57 electronic. Now I’m not going to miss another chance of digging deep under 10.5 may be in the 10.2 range. Who knows. Its a magical wond for me.

I have finished my season the week before last with a 3rd at the nationals. I was edged on the line after going 2nd for 80m :frowning: Its ok. I knew that I had a narrow peak. I was out of my peak after the cairo meet and I know that I was way down. I did a 10.94 electroic in the heats and 11.00 in the final. LOL. People were making fun of me with that 11. Anyway I was so ill and I missed the 200m as well. It was out of a 12 week training period training from no where. I was just recovered from my injury. Now its time to kick it back. And somehow I feel that no mattar how much you do in acceleration without ENOUGH 80-110. then Its absolutly Nothing. To me at least. Nothing. If I keep breaking times in the 30, 40 50 and get to the time of competition next year I will probably be going 10.6 or 10.7 Its something I see quite vivid. I know how it works with me. And that is probably the time I was going to run at nationals if my peak was in the right frame.