Acc. Dev.

Would you guys explain what Acceleration development is, I know its development of acceleration, but whats the proper way to do them.
From what I learned so far run to to 30m, but are you in your “stance” driving or up right sprinting?

You are most definately “in your stance” - not upright.
Lately I have grown to like lying starts ,where you lie flat on your stomach ,gets up and just accelerates without a second thought.
Also remember to always be rested when doing short speed-work.

acceleration is usually up to 30 meters after 30 meters you are starting to work on max velocity up to 60 meters.

The accel. development should be from a standing start, crouched, start, falling start, 3 point start, or 4 point start from blocks.

For example i’ll have 12 weeks atfer football season. So out of that 12 weeks how many weeks do i do Acc. dev. and when can i start speed training. (not includin GPP am getting that in now ; )

id say do accel developement for 4 weeks toping off at 40 meters.

So, after that i start speed training?

lets shift this thread to how we would periodize acceleration development from each week of GPP through special prep. what distances should we be focusing on and what drills would be good to do?

thoughts??? Charlie i know you must have some good drills to focus on that teach accelaration. :cool:

Check out some of the threads by David on how he periodizes acceleration work. He is also training for a sport in which acceleration is the key and there are no top speed or speed endurance aspects.

Currently the only thing i have is top-end speed how long do i train my acc. before i can start on top end

At least 4 weeks.

But aren’t you training for football!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Why do you need top-end?

You got have the story I am playin football currently, but in 5 weeks the season will be over then I wil be training for track thats why i need my top-end-speed