About Running Shoes

I’m wondering what other people are using/recommending these days regarding flats/running shoes for both warm-ups and tempo work. I use an ordinary running shoe ($30-40 pair of Nike’s or Avia’s) and sometimes use X-counrtry shoes for tempo work or long (speed endurance) sprints.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to buy $100+ running shoes; I’d rather spend the money on some good spikes instead. What are others doing or what opinions do some of you have about training and warm-up shoes; and should different shoes be worn for tempo work?

I agree with you, buy the cheapest (name brand) shoes possible. Use what is comfortable and cheap. Look for previous years’ models at discount prices. Same concept goes for both training flats and spikes.

I like the second tier shoes that msrp around $80 but always get them on sale. The first tier shoes seem to be overbuilt and the lower tier shoes seem to have inferior cushioning.

Better to spend less on each pair and change them more often. Flats usually start to loose their shock absorption after 3 to 4 months, even if they still look good.

By "flats’’ do you mean the same as racing shoes for X-country? That’s what I’m using as flats right now, light racing shoes without spikes. However, I usually only do my tempo or longer speed endurance runs in them since they seem a little less cushioned than my Nike or Avia running shoes. For warm-ups and drills I tend to wear regular running shoes. Thanks for the reply Charlie.

I’d switch either type every three months and the lighter the construction, the more often.