abdominal training question for CF

Weighted situps aren’t necessary for sprinters in my opinion. For weightlifters and powerlifters they are probably of benefit for body positioning during the lifts, but for sprinters, no.

Edit- I’m not sure I would class weighted situps as high cns work/cns draining. How is this defined and known?

tamfb you make a good point…At the current time I am trying to see how charlie would train a low level athlete such as a beginner high school football player. I am not aware of charlie extensively working with footballers of this level. Perhaps you have a greater mastery of charlies methods and some of the demands that are needed for a footballer and you can share them with me via pm or email. Additionally I try and see how some different components can be utilized throughout the training year.

this product should help you: http://www.charliefrancis.com/store/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=33

I have been helping you for the last 2 weeks via pm but our training philo is different, you are more Joe Defranco and im more CF based and you will always do what you feel comfortable during.

Tam, what is wrong with drawing from different experts like charlie francis, defranco, james smith, Verkhoshansky and so fourth? Is this not the best way to formulate what works for you and what you get results with, remember no one persons training methods are perfect? It would be unwise to follow one person’s ways religiously and blindly. As you said to me in a different thread, Charlie Francis is your god!

Nonetheless I may do a lot of Defranco stuff, but do agree with you on this account Tam and feel weighted ab work like above mentioned is not needed. Am I flawed for not agreeing with Defranco on this matter and using somebody elses ideas?

Your funny, if i had to pick between CF vs Joe Defraunco I would go with CF every single time bc to me CF methods are proven and have been through battle. Is CF my god depends which day of the week.

Never did I say who to pick or what to believe in, all i did was say Joe’s stuff is easily accesible in regards to the training of football basketball players and so fourth…

how many reps should one do of abs on easy days for track anyway?

After increasing my abdominal streangth this winter I now get sore abs from sprinting. Could crunches and leg raises on low intensity days help or could it get worse?

Right now I do no isolated ab work.