A young athlete

Hey people. I have this great athlete I am now coaching. She is 15 years old in the 9th grade running a 11.9 and 24.8. she has a few things to work on but mainly her block starts. What would you do with her to try to improve her starts. if we get this down I believe she can have the potential to break the washington state record which is 11.3 and 23.4

I would say don’t put her in the blocks too much, instead do a lot of falling, lying, or forward squat jumps with a medicine ball into starts.

Do fun drills with her to begin with so that she isn’t bogged down with technical stuff.

For example…Have her lying on the ground with her nose touchign the track, with her hands by her side. Then start her and get her to run to 10 or 15m as fast as she can. Her starting dynamics will be as close to they can be naturally this way. She she seems to have this down, or automatic, bet the blocks out, and tell her to focus on her lead arm. Don’t worry too much about anything. Just get her to get out of the blocks and to the finish line as fast as possible. So basically, keep it as simple as possible, and keep things moving quickly.