A Week with Charlie Francis

Provided below is a Forum Members’ account of his time spent learning under Charlie Francis. This forum member passed on this document for me to post anonymously - as he felt that his sincere sentiments would be best conveyed in this manner. I think all of us who have spent time working with Charlie would wholeheartedly agree with this message.

In the world of sport almost every decisive moment is decided by speed, and in the search for speed and speed-training experts, one name will always continue to crop up and conversations will eventually lead to one person – Charlie Francis.

After searching more websites, reading more books, documents and research articles than I care to remember I decided eventually to arrange a visit to this weird wizard of speed, Charlie Francis.

Now, I had read Charlie’s work, I was proud owner of hard copies of his rare books and I had also read the works of many of the worlds other top coaches and been to many of their seminars. I felt I had an excellent grasp on both Charlie’s work and that of other coaches. However, none of this prepared me for my time with Charlie. As I told him leaving – I came to him with a list of 100 ideas for comment and advice on, but left with 10 key concepts to apply and use in my own work.

I learned about everything, from regeneration, to rehabilitation, strength training to periodisation, and in a real practical environment – not a theoretical discussion on paper, but from a mind with decades of real life experience and knowledge to draw on and question.

One thing that was very worthwhile from my perspective was getting the exact interpretation of Charlie’s theories. Reading his work in a book or manual is one thing, but understanding the reasons and basis for the theory is invaluable. The chance to debate and question Charlie on his concepts is a wonderful opportunity for those coaches who wish to take his concepts and expand them to their own sport or demands.

Another great benefit of visiting Charlie is that you have to be ‘crystal clear’ in your own mind as to what you believe in before you can debate it or defend it. Being away from work and coaching means you have no distractions and can get a crystal clear image of what you need and what you are really doing. Being face to face with Charlie also gives you the benefit of Charlie raising issues he thinks you need to address, not alone what you think you need to learn.

The opportunity to spend time with Charlie is unique in many ways – not only do you get the chance to pick the mind of a truly great coach for almost 18 hours a day, but you get to enjoy many stories and anecdotes from over 40 years of involvement in athletics and other sports. Some very funny and some very serious stories!

One amazing thing, that is not apparent to most people until they spend time with Charlie is the depth and breadth of influence he has had on modern sports performance and coaching outside of Track and Field. Some are aware of his influence on the Chicago Bulls training, but his involvement with some of the top NFL, NHL and Soccer coaches all across the globe are not as well known - and its only in conversation that he hints at this.

Charlie’s humility is also astonishing as over the whole week never once did I hear a name ‘dropped’ or a boast made. Yet with many other coaches I have spent time with I have found them to be far less comfortable in their own knowledge, resorting to name-dropping and self praise for authority.

If you are lucky enough to spend a week with Charlie and perhaps stay with him - you may be lucky enough to get the benefit of Ange’s cooking which I still miss! A wonderful cook, a great person and excellent coach in her own right – I would highly recommend that any female athlete or mother should contact Charlie and make sure Ange is there for the week they visit. Even as a guy the small things I picked up from Ange on cooking and preparing food were invaluable. Like I said I’ve read all the food books and DVD’s from nutrition Guru’s - but I never realised that such quality food could be cooked AND taste so good at the same time. The advantage of spending time with Ange and Charlie was I got see how to prepare, cook and store in real time and how best to do it

Not only did I learn so much from Charlie and Ange, but I also had so many myths dismissed. There is so much nonsense out there in the world of sports performance most of it ‘sold’ by coaches who have won little or nothing. Charlie can give a great insight into the business of sport and help you isolate the quality from the nonsense.

I can’t recommend highly enough, to anyone with any intention of learning about speed or general sports performance, a week with Charlie in Toronto. Not only will you be made extremely welcome, you will leave with the best weeks personal tuition you could ever get. If anyone wishes to improve themselves in the preparation of athletes an honest learning environment they must do an internship with Charlie Francis.

I know this kind of question might be shunned, but how much does a week with charlie cost? Or, how much does he charge to be trained under?

big bucks…

lol, I can imagin so…

if i had 2 guess 2000-3000 per week.

::cough,couch:: Shite, thats a lotta dinero. Mr. C must be pretty well off, dont ya think :rolleyes:

Hell, thats more than my college tuition… including books

lol what college do you go to? Walmart University?

What is big bucks …?

It really annoys me when people put money in the way of learning - like the guy on the other forum wouldn’t pay 20 Dollars for the CFTS! Damn it you get what you pay for … you want to stay at the level you’re at - fine!

There’s a few things here -

    • Value for money - it’s like buying a car - you get what you pay for. “Pay peanuts get monkeys”. We all know Charlie has proven track record so that’s like buying a Merc - you have made a life long investment.
      Screw around buying Lada’s all your life and you’ll spend twice as much, have rotten time and end up going nowhere.
    • In comparison to other coaches and guru’s - surprisingly cheaper - in fact from what I know having spent time with other elite coaches and having enquired about others - Charlies the cheapest I’ve heard of and far, far cheaper than someone like Poliquin and you can compare results and track record yourself!

I don’t know what the rates are now since I enquired from Rupert about 2 years ago but I know some people from here have arranged internships with Charlie for before and after Christmas - the best thing to do is like them - do like Charlie said on the other thread and drop an email to Angela@charliefrancis.com

BTW - Did you do your internship with Charlie utfootball4 recently, what did you think of it?

Pre-school has gotten expensive then?

lol, nah bubba. I go to RIchland College. Its a community college, not to expensive, but it gets the job done.

But seriously. I think my tuition for 4 classes was somewhere around $1500 and books were about $500.

ooo :eek: … your a fart knocker you know that

Well I doubt he’s very wealthy from all the money he’s getting from membership fees from the site and all the information he gives out for free here…

I would have guessed higher! How can you put a price tag on something as valuable as the knowledge and experience of a pioneer in any field especially one as potentially lucrative as sports!

Hell my company charges my time out to customers at $1000 a day and I’m one of about 100,000 people in the country doing a similar very mundane job!

thats crazy wouldnt never pay that much to train me. what kind of people are u training.

LOL, I do business consultancy. :smiley:

The point I was trying to make (and i think you proved very nicely from your assumption that i charge $1000 to train athletes a day) is that in athletics we are always so cheap. In the corporate world people pay thousands of $$$s to train thier people because they see it as an investment. A week with charlie is obviously an investment in your future both as a coach and as a person.

What really surprises me is the fact that charlie even has a website in the first place. Through his articles and advice he is putting something back into athletics in a way that no one else even tries to.

damn i need to get into that business.

I’d certainly pay it if TC was good, proven and I knew I’d be successful as a result …

I guess that’s the difference between those who really want to get somewhere and those who just talk about it and say they do.

I learned a valauble lesson from a coach in the UK once who said …

the guy who reads and never moves from his small area of influence, never takes big chances or never spends money and never invests in himself - will never go anywhere

… it was seriously the best piece of advice I ever got from anyone.

disagree, i can go back to my school and get coaching for free from a pretty good coach vince anderson.

Yes this is the problem. If I could only guarantee gold medals then I could make a lot of money!!! And you know what, the people winning the medals would make even more! Funny how these things work isn’t it. You see it every year with all those people who leave home and move thier lives to Jamaca or California to try and make it with the professional groups based there.

You can disagree all you like … but you’re still wrong.

I can only hazard a guess your lack of both coaching and real world expereince - but with statements like that it must be limited and niave. In life, sport or anything quality doesn’t come cheap …either in terms of effort, work or money.

“Pay peanuts … get monkeys”

As for your free coach - I’m sure he’s good … but I’m also sure he’ll get tired of you bumming off him too eventually… no one works for nothing.