A request for PJ (et al.)..

Hi all!

Primarly sorry if I post this Thread in a wrong place!

I’m from Sassuolo, near Modena, in Italy, and i’m a training mate of Alessandro Guazzi, a very talented italian sprinter (he runs for the Rieti Team).

He won the Italian Under23 champs in the 200m with 21.12 (-0.3) and he just set his personal best in 100m with 10.55 when he ran with Asafa Powell in the heat where he set the WR (“What a great experience!”)…

My question is (for Pj or whoever can help me):
It is possible to have as much informations as possible about Alessandro’s race in Rieti?? I mean, for example, splits like you have done for powell??

I think this could be of great help for a best view of Alessandro’s race and a big start for the incoming preparation!

I know in that race Guazzi ran in line 8. I don’t really know if he’s visible (you know about Asafa time!) but any information, even 30 nor 60 would be great!

Thank you so much for any help, also if there’s nothing to do! :slight_smile:

I think it’s very hard to get them…the track wasn’t marked appropriately, the camera was not on him…

I Know…

but in a video like this

he never disappear from the screen!

I don’t know in what way Pj takes the Powell’s split…
or if there’s better videos from wich he takes these splits…

I’ll give it a try… eh eh :stuck_out_tongue:

He used 2 different views, 50 frames per second I think…BTW, we live near each other:)

Really? Where are you from?

For sure i’ve seen you many times in some meeting…

2 videos with 50 frames/second? mmhh…

Maybe my request isn’t so satisfiable

So nothing?

No problem… Thanks anyway!

It looks like he got out well. By 60m though, Powell looked pretty far ahead. Whats his 60m PR?

His Personal on 60m is 7.04 but done a couple of years ago…

But i think now is something near 6.70…

Last summer in training did 6"1-6"2 (from standing, hand timed)…

Now we are in conditioning phase, but the last race (club champ in Caorle) he did 10"69 whit -2.6w!!
Next day he did 21.41 (200) with -1w and in line 1!!
Just a few hundredth after Deji Aliu!!