A new sprinter

I have 80% decided to give up Hammer throwing due to constantly being sore and injured.

I will search the archives for answers, but as we have new athletes and coaches, this question maybe relevant.

I am hoping to look at sprinting in the new season. At a bodyweight of 90kg and height of 176cm, I need to lose weight both muscle and fat.

How do you go about taking somebody with some training not specifially for sprinting and organise the training for them.

I have ideas, but they are based more around throwing than sprinting, and I have found most of the people I talk to are about needing to more volume to get the base than worry about speed and technique to certain degree later

Please :help:

I think you should just start of with a low volume of sprinting, see how it feels and gradually increase the volume. That is better than starting with a high volume which could lead to over training. so, with the above advice, you would probably be doing slightly less volume of sprinting than you need, with the luxery of increasing that volume in small segments, till you get a better feel for the amount you can take.

Thanks Goose

When I said volume, I guess I should of said it was aerobic and distance of reps ie continuous runs and 6 x 200 type workout.

My take on the considerations are what the event is, what the athlete needs to do, strength and weaknesses.

So for me it is

Sprints - Speed is main emphasis
Strength - technical proficient at weights, strong but not as strong as I should be.
Weaknesses - Too big and unfit for event.

Type of training at the moment (3 weeks from main event) weights (medium), throws and 15m sprints.

So, my main aim is to get fit to sprint. To do this I need to lose weight.

I plan to do 9 weeks of GPP with one track session emphasising skill and maintenance of speed.

After that I will introduce speed at low volume. Should the aim be to increase distance of reps (say from 25m to 35m) or reps?

2 Weights sessions, 2 Tempos Sessions and 2 Speed Sessions.

Sorry for length, but that is the body of my idea for the next year.

Did you say you were doing 6 x 200m, or were planning to do that?, either way I wouldn’t recomend that at the moment.

Increasing distance or reps;

Depends a bit on how many reps you are allready doing. Still, I suspect that when you’re ready for that step, to slightly increase the distance would probably be better in your case.

No the suggestion from other coaches was to do 6 x 200.

The only currently I could do 200’s is through tempo, even then I would struggle.

When I start sprint training, I would look at doing 4 to 6 max really, 4 probably. Increasing distance sounds slightly better to me than reps.

Thanks for help


If speed is your goal, then you should work on going all out for distances of 60m or less. As you go farther, you will be working on speed endurance and it doesn’t make much sense to try to work on maintaining a sub-optimal level of speed. So generally I would drop and 200’s unless they are in your tempo workouts.

Are your 15m sprints from a standing start or is this the distance that your are flying during a flying sprint?

For flat out speed, I would probably recommend trying some flying 10s, 20s or 30s. The idea is to start out with a nice easy (submaximal) acceleration for about 30m, then just relax and try to maintain that speed over the flying distance. Take lots of rest between reps and gradually increase the flying distance (up to 30m) and the number of reps.

Since you were a thrower, you probably already have good strength levels. To work on your starts, you can simply lie on your stomach then on command, scramble up and run for 10 - 20m.

When you say your plan is "2 Weights sessions, 2 Tempos Sessions and 2 Speed Sessions, " I’m assuming that you are doing your speed and weights on the same day (weights after the sprints) and your tempo on the alternate days. This will keep your focus on speed development and give your CNS time to recover between sessions.

Good luck!


15m are either standing or out of blocks

Weights will be on separate days out of time to train.

Schedule currently playing with is

Mon - Weights probably technical or circuit
Tue - Tempo
Wed -
Thu - Speed
Fri -
Sat - Tempo
Sun - Speed & Weights (dependent on coach)

This won’t start until April or May.