A Multi Discilined Approach to Hydrotraining/ Hydrotherapy

While at the library today researching material I ran across some material that consist of Hydrotraing by Patrick and Virginia Money via Clarion University, U.S.A

I also found some information from Brent McFarlane “Title Pool Training.”. It Works!
This is in XIV ITFCA Congress page 196.

15 difference pool workouts & roles/prevention.

If you guys can get your hands on this it’s pretty interesting.

Hope you find it!

Take care

Kenny Mac~~

Stretching in water I hear is good.

What do you guys think about this?

Especially for the groin area, hips and calves?

I did this session today in a cool pool, temp was 58 degrees.

I’m feeling good now, maybe a different story in the morning we shall see huh?

I’ll let you guys know how I’m feeling in the moring hahah

Kenny Mac~~~

If the temperature is hot enough and the water level low enough, the pool may be useful for stretching, but I find the sauna better.