A fun topic about me!

What do you think i’ll be hitting this year in the 100?i know none of you know me personally and can’t make an accurate prediction but based on the way i ask questions and say things what do you think i’ll get this year?Closest person wins a cookie:)

My Prediction!10.99

Do you train? You seem to spend more time on here then it would take to run that time.

Yes i train its right after school so after i train i come home and relax

Well you are allready fast but i will tell you!
wach some videoes of top sprinters rimmember how they run. and then try to run like them in your mind.you will feel really excited at that point go to the track
and run that sub 11 so easy!

seriously i think you will do that sub 11 so easy just push harder

11.62? And you have until spring? If you train right and hard…I see consistant times at around 11-11.1 and occasional PR dips into the 10.9 range.

how long have you been training? If you are running 11.62 electric with decent training I think a low 11 electric will be possible with a good solid year of hard work