a few thing i don't understand...

…due to the fact that i don’t know englis very well i don’t understand this:

  1. what is 10 x med ball Accel (1) and (2)?
  2. when he speak tempo, there is 100-100-100-100, then other in other line, and so on. it all will be performed? and how many time a week?
  3. the Warm up 1 is the warm up in which there is the girl and the 2 is the warm up whit the boy?
  4. the aproximative volume of plio isn’t explicated? and how to perform it?

no1 can help me? thanks

  1. Both are shown in the DVD and from memory med ball 1 is where you chest pass it fall to a pushup then accelerate and med ball 2 is where you roll back and as you come forward throw the ball forward, land in a pushup and accelrate from there.

  2. Yes all those lines and that is called the Long session. You can however vary that to suit your abilities. How many times pw depends on quite a few things but generally 3 (no less than 2 and some do up to 4) although that may not always be the long session.

  3. I’m sure that is detailed in the DVD sorry don’t have a copy with me right now to check. I thought both were done by females, one of whom is Charlie’s wife.

  4. Correct for that I suggest you get the Vancouver 04 DVD which goes into planning a lot more.