62's praises Charlie


Many of you will already have seen this. I would like to copy this directly but don’t think I’m allowed. For those who haven’t seen this go to this link:

click on q&a at the top;
click on “Sports Specific Training” on the left;
read the answer by “62” to the question:

“6/25/2004 - Tim
coach X &/or 62, I just recieved my NSCA email news letter. Your gonna love this: Training for Strength and Power versus Mass (5/27/2004) The following question has been posted in the forums: …”

Hallalujah!!! It’s about time.

A special thanks to 62.

Football Coach

P.S. for those who don’t know 62 played in NFL for over 10 years and now is a strength coach in the NFL.

Read it there- but leave it there!


I’m still learning about internet protocol. I also want not to post any links you would prefer to be left alone. If any of us see something on the internet such as this, would you prefer us to not provide a link to it?

With much respect,
Football Coach

The link is fine.

I seem to be having a problem accessing the elitefts page, I click on the link and it says on every single occasion I’ve tried to open it “www.elitefts.com could not be found. Please check the name and try again” anyone have any ideas or another link I can try?

ahgchile - I just checked the link and it works fine. Must be something on your end.

the oddest thing is that I’ve tried it with internet explorer, mozilla firefox etc… and I still can’t can’t connect. It’s really odd. Plus I feel as though I’ve missed out on so much news and articles etc… It’s kinda like not being able to connect to CF.com