60m-100m Training workouts

Hey guys. I have these workouts that I have contemplated doing for sometime now. I have been doing different workouts that I have had people tell me for my PB’s and times I have run this season that the workouts are not fast enough. I have been a sprinter that would build speed by building strength. I was hoping you guys could take a look at these workouts, let me know what kind of changes can and should be made. Each cycle lasts 4 weeks and the paces are at the very bottom for each cycle. If there isn’t a pace set, it’s just tempo work. Do not pay any attention to the words tape drills. Diagonals is just run from one corner of the field and shag across the endzone and repeat.

Thanks in adance guys. I hope to get some wonderful feedback to help guide me towards my decision of what workout to do. Thanks…

Cycle I
6-20 Monday: 15x100m Tape Drills
6-21 Tuesday: 15xDiagonals
6-22 Wednesday: 3x5x60m Turnarounds
6-23 Thursday: 10x150m Ins and Outs
6-24 Friday: Circuit/Cross Training
6-25 Saturday: 15x30m Tape Drills & Plyometrics II

Cycle II
7-18 Monday: 15x100m Tape Drills
7-19 Tuesday: 3x5x30m hurdle pushes & PlyometricsII
7-20 Wednesday: 20 minute tempo run
7-21 Thursday: 10x150m Ins and Outs
7-22 Friday: Circuit/Cross Training
7-23 Saturday: 15x30m Tape Drills & Plyometrics I

Cycle III
8-15 Monday: 15x100m Tape Drills
8-16 Tuesday: 8x200m Hills
8-17 Wednesday: 15x60m Tape Drills and Plyometrics I
8-18 Thursday: 10x150m Ins and Outs
8-19 Friday: Circuit/Cross Training
8-20 Saturday: 10x80m Ins and Outs and Plyometrics II

Cycle IV
9-12 Monday: 15x100m Tape Drills
9-13 Tuesday: 20 minute tempo run
9-14 Wednesday: 15x60m Tape Drills and Plyometrics I
9-15 Thursday: 10x200m Hills
9-16 Friday: Circuit/Cross Training
9-17 Saturday: 10x70m Ins and Outs and Plyometrics II

Cycle V
10-10 Monday: 15x100m Tape Drills
10-11 Tuesday: 3x400m w/12 minutes recovery
10-12 Wednesday: Circuit/Cross Training
10-13 Thursday: 15x60m Tape Drills and Plyometrics II
10-14 Friday: 8x200m hills
10-15 Saturday: 15x30m and Plyometrics I

Cycle VI
11-7 Monday: 6x200m w/ 30 seconds recovery and 5 min. between sets
11-8 Tuesday: 20 minute tempo run
11-9 Wednesday: 5x60m sleds and 5x30m sleds then Plyometrics I
11-10 Thursday: 4x350m w/10 minutes rest
11-11 Friday: Circuit/Cross Training
11-12 Saturday: 10x30m Ins and Outs and Plyometrics II

Cycle VII
12-5 Monday: 12x20m-40m/starts/resistance/open
12-6 Tuesday: 6x100m-150m w/walk back recovery
12-7 Wednesday: Hurdle Mobility/Plyometrics I
12-8 Thursday: 8x30m-40m/starts/flys
12-9 Friday: 10x50m tape drills/plyometrics II-III
12-10 Saturday: 4x150m or 1x250m, 1x200m, 1x150m

Cycle IIX
1-2 Monday: 4-8x20m-40m/starts/4-5x30-50m open
1-3 Tuesday: 6-8x150 w/walk back recovery
1-4 Wednesday: Hurdle Mobility/Plyometrics I
1-5 Thursday: 4-5x20-40m starts/4-5 x 30m flys
1-6 Friday: 10x50m tape drills/Plyometrics II-III
1-7 Saturday: 8x100m-120m or 8x55m hurdle pushes

Cycle IX
1-30 Monday: 6-8x10m-40m starts/4-8x50-60m sleds/4-8x100m
1-31 Tuesday: 6x200m @23-25/Plyometrics III
2-1 Wednesday: Hurdle Mobility/Recovery
2-2 Thursday: 5x30m starts/Plyometrics I/5x30m overspeed
2-3 Friday: Rest or 10x50m tape drills
2-4 Saturday: Compete or 4x120-150m @13-14/16-17 sec.

Plyometrics I: High knees bleachers x 5, Double leg hops x 5, Single leg bleacher hops-Left x 3, Single leg bleacher hops-right x 3, Alternating speed bounds x 4

Plyometrics II: Single leg hops left/right x 30-40m forward and back, Hurdle hops 1x10, Standing Triple jump 1x10, Standing long jump 1x10, Single leg long jump-left 1x5, Single leg long jump-right 1x5.

Plyometrics III: Vertical jumps, Box jumps, dorsiflex walk, Heel raise walk, Lateral hops.

Starts: Add key reaction drill resistance drills.

Here are the paces for the cycles.
Cycle #1 - No time and all walk back recovery.
Cycle #2 - 150’s 3x20 sec, 4x19 sec, 3x18 sec.
Cycle #3 - 150’s 3x20 sec, 4x19 sec, 3x18 sec., 8x200m hills @2x32 sec, 2x31 sec, 2x30 sec, 2x29 sec
Cycle #4 - 10x200m hills @ 2x32 sec, 2x31 sec, 2x30 sec, 2x29 sec, 2x28 sec.
Cycle #5 - 3x400m @ 54-56, 8x200m hills @2x31 sec, 2x30 sec, 2x29 sec, 2x28 sec
Cycle #6 - 6x200m w/ :30 sec rest between reps and 5 min. between sets - 2x29 sec, 2x28 sec, 2x27 sec, 4x350 @ 48-50
Cycle #7 - 6-8x150m @ 2x18 sec, 2x17 sec, 2x16 sec. 8x100-120m @ 11-12 (100m) or 13-14 (120m)
Cycle #8 - 6x200m @ 23-25 sec 6-8 rest between reps and 12 min. between sets, 4x120m 13-14 sec or 4x150m @ 16-17 sec
Cycle #9 - 6x100m @ 11-12 sec, 1x250 @ 28-29, 1x200 @ 23, 1x150m @ 17, 4x150m @ 16-17 sec.

The actual workout does’nt look bad but I’m just wondering about getting some base work in like 10-20 min runs or 1-2 miles like every other day or every 3rd day. I am interested to hear from others…

“BASEWORK” for sprinters is sprinting.
No need to develope an aerobic base for sprinters. Do a search on tempo training and you will learn about the aerobic benefits as well as other benfits of it.

Why are a lot of coaches thinking that way. Until today!!! Sadly it doesn’t work no more. At least for the majority. I see it everyday. People who think that way always seem to stay where they are. OR sometimes pop, but for a very small time and then. its all over

Thanks guys. Do you have any suggestions for things that i could do as alternatives. I have done a lot of the same workouts for year and I want to try something different to see if it works and to see if it can be another alternative. Basically I need to get some guts to try something different. I don’t think I have much to lose and I really want to see if training faster will help me compete faster. Any suggestions would be great. As crazy as it sounds, this is less base training than I have done in the past and I’m honestly looking forward to 200m hills. I think…

The topic says “60m-100m Training workouts”, but this looks like a program for a 400-800m runner…