60 yard to 60 meter conversion

Last week I was able to go to the track and finally do some speed work. I ran some 20’s, 40’s, and then decided to do a 60 yard sprint. I was running pretty relaxed and came through at 6.09h. I ran a few more and the times went from 6.06-6.12h. The problem is that I have no idea what that time means in relation to anything else. 60 yards is right around 55 meters, so I figure I can run a FAT 55 in the 6.25-6.35 range. Does anyone know what this would come out to over 60 meters? My guess was somewhere in the 6.7’s. Thoughts?

6.25 would be about 6.70 and you would be about here

6.25 sounds a lil fast for a football player late summer when they have been during conditioning? did the timer go his movement?

Maybe it is. Remember that I am purely speculating what my time would be based off of a hand time 60 yard dash, a lot of room for error there. 6.70 is pretty darn fast, especially when you consider some of the names on that list. I dare not insult them by placing myself above them, especially since I’m a football player and they are professional sprinters.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to FAT timing, which would put a rest to all of the speculation.

Yes, it was timed from first movement on a track with spikes.

what was the other times 20 and 40?

2.38h for the 20 and 4.32h was the only good 40 I ran that day (didn’t relax fully and pushed too hard on the other two) before I moved on to the 60’s where I really felt relaxed and my technique finally felt right (stepping over and high hips).

it look like your top speed is on point and you are accel through the 20-40 mark, im curious what your 10yd time would be - guessing 1.4’s-1.5’s.

this ant gozo-osu wr times:

10: 1.48
20: 2.58
40: 4.44

db from lsu:
10: 1.47
20: 2.52
40: 4.35

10: 1.58
20: 2.66
40: 4.39

My top speed is feeling good, it’s always been a strong point. However, I don’t feel like my SE is very good at all at this point (not that it really matters for my purposes). I likely would drop anchor at about 65-70 and lose a good amount of time from there to the finish no matter how relaxed I stayed. As far as my 10’s I have never timed them. I would think that you would really need a electronic timer to have any kind of accuracy with those as well as 20’s etc.

I feel like my speed improved leaps and bounds (relatively) when I learned to run relaxed (ie. Bud Winters 7/8th’s effort) with high hips and stepping over instead of trying to power down the track. I started letting my strength from the weight room make the sprinting easier, rather than trying to use that strength consciously.

you timed a couple 10’s, that would tell me alot?

I also feel like the 10 is best timed as a split rather than a single run as the technique would likely be different.

how will the tech be diff?

By the way who was the RB, I’m assuming AP? Whoever it was burned up the track over the last 20 yards. Imagine the time with even a slightly improved 0-20.

The technique would be different for the simple fact that you would be looking to run the fastest 10 rather than the fastest 40 or 60. Though I suppose you could just have one person time the 10 while you run a longer sprint.

the rb was maurice drew.

when i have only one person timing me i usually do 1-2x10, 1-2x20, 2-3x40.

Well next time I make it out to the track I’ll be sure to time a few 10’s and get some clockings.

do u think timing the 10 and 20 before the 40 will hurt your overall 40 time?

I wouldn’t think it should affect the 40 at all. Probably would be a good stimulus to get you ready and primed for a good 40.

I’ve never really thought about it, I guess it would depend on how many I ran and if I somehow messed up my rhythm for the 40. My main reason for never running 10’s is that I usually like to go farther out when I go do speed work, because we tend to cover the short acceleration work in our training. Although I know that a lot of prominent combine prep coaches really emphasize the first 10, I always thought that a 20 was just as, if not more, effective.

i know when vince anderson was at tenn and he use to train some fb players for the combine, he would never do anything less then 30yds. his training for them was pretty much 30’s and 50’s.