60 meter fly feedback

Hey guys how do I look. Do you see anything I need to change? I had a 30 m runup.
Thx for your help.



Looks good bro…

In my non-expert eye, it looks like you stood up a little bit too quickly on the second one, then needed to lean forward more to accelerate hard again. It could be the camera movement though.

Why are you doing 30m flys from blocks?

The witches hat is down, for what i guess is the start, what if, from your start, you havent hit top speed yet. The idea is for the beginning of the ‘fly’ you are at top speed and try to maintain it.

You only need a standing start, and run it in. Start from blocks + 30 fly is too taxing, and essentially means you are doing 60m sprints out of the blocks

Well I was actually doin 60 meter flys with a 30m run up, but I know what you mean by to taxing. That shit was tiring.

yeh, dont do flys out of blocks

ALso…look at elbow angle…do not close too much on forward motion.

Yea I was noticing that also. That is a habit that I need to break.

Doesn’t seem to hold Bolt back…

lol very tru.

It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish with the workout. If you were doing 30m flys, there are plenty of threads around talking about more gradual acceleration that allows you to reach a higher MaxV in the fly portion. In this case, you would want to start from standing and a longer leadin than 30m. Block starts here are definitely not what you want to do–not any different than doing 60s in that case.

And it does look like you came up too quickly for a 10.2-10.4 guy.

But most people do 60m flys to work on their finish (speed maintenance after the MaxV). In this case, your leadin is shorter, you don’t necessarily reach MaxV right at the beginning and what you’re trying to work on is holding onto the MaxV after it occurs. So, here, the blocks aren’t quite the same impediment to the workout that they hare in 20-30m flys.

I wasnt concentrating on the 30 so that is one reason why I was coming up early. Thanks for the feedback

Even if you wasn’t working on the 30m you must execute the overall sprint with perfect execution each rep, otherwise you will teach your body bad habits.

Yea your right. I have a tendancy to come up early