60/80/100 split runs

Hi. I’ve been reading this forum for a while, and have a question about the 60/80/100 meter split runs as outlined by Charlie in one of his graphs for outdoor season training. The workout is something like 3 sets of 60, 80, 100. (And then that’s followed by a “relaxed” 300.)

My question is this: does anyone know how long the rest should be between the 60, 80, and 100 meter split runs? And between the sets too? Any help would be great. Thanks!

I don’t remember that particular split off the top of my head, and I’ve never used it. Could you provide more detail about its layout and when Charlie said he used it? When you use it in the training cycle and how far you are accelerating in each run will influence the rest intervals.

Let me clarify my question. Are these supposed to be a 60, an 80, and a 100 put together into one split or are you talking about split runs that use these distances as the constituent parts, e.g., 4x60, 3-4x80, 2-3x100?

It’s on the “British Group Outdoor Season (100-200)” graph which was published on the Charlie Francis Facebook page. It’s supposed to be a 60, 80, and 100 put together into one split (i.e. 3x60+80+100).

I assume you’re accelerating out 30 meters, and then maintaining… although it didn’t specifically say that on the graph. (It’s just an assumption from other stuff I’ve read.)


Thanks. I did have that in my files but hadn’t looked at it in a while. You might start with a walk back recovery initially, and note how long the walks take and extend from there from week to week. A good rule of thumb for full recovery between speed runs in a set is 1-1.5 min for each 10m, but split runs by their nature are not supposed to have full recovery within the set. So, you might want to start with walk back between runs in a set and 5-7 min between sets as a starting point. Ultimately, it has to be custom fit to you. You might also start with a 20m limit on acceleration and extend to 30m over the block.

Okay, that sounds like good advice. Thanks!

Actually, seeing as you mentioned accelerations, I did have one more question on that. I notice that Charlie seems to advocate just starting naturally (e.g. the push-up and scramble type drills, or that stuff like medicine ball throws to accelerations), with the theory that we don’t want to analyze our starts too much lest we get paralysis. That said, I know that the HSI sprinters of the early 2000s (notably Mo Greene and Jon Drummond) were fantastic starters, and they used the head down, long and full extension approach, instead of the more quick arm movement style you saw from Ben Johnson (or these days from Christian Coleman). You got an opinion on which of the two approaches is better (or are both equally valid)?

I would search the forum archives for acceleration technique just to keep this thread on point and because it’s been covered a lot in the past. But my quick answer is that you’re overthinking it. Some of those differences in starting/accel technique might have as much to do with the individual variations of the athletes in question than specific coaching.

I have 2 questions:
1.How would /could this plan look concretely,when there are only 2 speeddays/week possible ? Would you change something to “Wednesday”?
How could the second Speedday look,if combining “Speed” and" Speed-Endurance" in one session in the SSP?
2.Day one(Monday) :“starts,see below”…what does this mean exactly ?There are mentioned 5 options below in the chart, 3 different starts and “F/E/F”…should i pick one option?
Input welcome!

If you look at the chart, it shows something already scheduled for Wednesday, i.e. a speed endurance session. (It’s in the middle of the chart, running length-wise down.)

My question is,if there are only 2 speeddays/week possible,should i change something on the Speedendurance day ( in this case, in the chart above, “Wednesday”). Should i only cut day 3 out(Saturday,Speed/Hills),and leave "Wednesday " as it is?

Another question comes in mind:
How to progress with intensity for the longer speed-endurance-runs besides longer brakes between Reps(60,80,100,120,150m)?
Should intensity stay at 20-30m+ maintainance ,oder should i go progressivly higher (40+m,50+m,60+m) in weeks 7-13 for example?
Wouldn’t requirements for regeneration skyrocket,if i go to 50+m oder 60+m?

You can only hit max speed , twice in a week, any more and you’re risking injury. I am sure they programs with more speed days but there will be a higher risk of injury.

This was created for Tom Crick and these athletes were at the highest level of their events.

I mostly did speed work on MWF and or Saturdays.
Sometimes that changed because humans are not robots.
I was working and at the national team level but I was not at the highest level as this graph was designed for.
Speed could be done Tuesday, Thursday Saturday or Monday and Thursdays.
Try and work backwards from what you know for sure is working for you and or your athlete(s). This solves things quickly as you are either seeing results consistently or getting injured often or flat and not seeing improvements.

Thank you very much for your reply Angela!
I wrote/modified this plan for SSP2 this outdoor season with 2 high-intensity days:
Monday speed:

Thursday speedendurance:

I also would gradually and carefully implement some tempowork …

Would /could this plan be a good startingpoint?
I started the speedendurance-day with 60m instead of 80m,because he didn’t run 80 at once the last 3 years…
What do you think about the intensity-limits on day 2? Too much especially in the later weeks?

The athlet is my son,19 yo. (60m,100m)
His biggest weakness is alactic capacity ,peakpower alactic is good ,his CNS is very explosive(standing longjump 3,50m!),but lacks capacity.
In competition with 3 rounds he’s a bit too much fatigued after the second heat.
Competition with 2 rounds is no problem…
His trainingvolume was very very low untill now,(in comparison to others at the same level hi didn’t train at all (speed 1 day /week + weights)and i’ll try to turn it up carefully.So this plan would only be a starting point(i think i’ll have to lower it even more to 50% or so…)
He thrived very well with his low volume till now, and didn’t hit a plateau till now.

His current 60m PB is 6,78 sek. (this month).
100m don’t actually know ,didn’run for 4 years(last 100m was 11,20 sek. in 2019 /60m 7,27 sek.that time(corona restrictions here in Germany)when he was a child yet and much shorter).

Thanks for your input!!!

“More is better”

no, more is not better, it’s just more.

Thank you for your response!
I think, my maxime always was and will be:
as much as needed,and as less as possible…
But it’s now time,to do a little little bit more…i have a very close eye to my athlet,and will see how he’ll react in terms of performance -advancements!
His volume of speed -training was ca. 200m/1xweek, till today ,which i would rate quite low…
No tempo,no speed endurance…
startet with tempo @60% last week (2xweek) 50,50,50,50,50,100,50,50,50 …went very well,so i think/hope ,i was sensible enough in introducing it.
Till now,most other coaches rated my volumes “WAY too little”.