6 Pointers from Ben Johnson

I just saw a link to this on Facebook:

I posted it on my facebook page, and getting hammered for it by a person - seems to miss the point of the article.

Good points in my opinion.

Is the critic disagreeing with the specific points in the article, or does he simply not like Ben?

The latter, and personally I find that hard, as they are not addressing the points.

The person is missing the points.

Update - the person has said the points are probably valid, but started to attack the man - in this case me - and the role I have in coaches group in Tasmania. I am not surprised (I am expecting a private message from him to continue)

Ad hominem attacks are the classic tactic of people who know they’re beat. Ignore the message, attack the messenger and claim victory.

Exactly. I am reminded of bully boy policitians who use the media to whinge and moan, but are too weak to do so face to face.

BEn had some great pointers in that article. I also find that eating really light on race day keeps me feeling optimal. The no talking sounds good. Ill give it a shot. Should be easy since im not a big talker anyways