6.13s in the 100m


Hows that for genetics? lol.

if Charlie trained “sarah” she would probably break 6 sec…

6.13…slower than i would have thought…interesting though

Yes, it’s tough to organize a start and to truly know how hard the Cheetah is trying, especially relatively tame ones. From the stats I’ve seen previously (0-45mph in 2.0 and 70+MPH), the “record” seems soft.

I assume there was extensive gender testing on these South African cheetahs…? :wink:

Well in the cat world, the female does all the hunting and the males all the eating and screwing around. (I’m not even going to the next comparative step! You all know examples!)
So the gender test would be to see if a female was masquerading as a male.

She’d have broken 6 if she hadn’t eased up and waved her tail around.

Quick back-of-envelope scribbles using those numbers gives me a time of about 5 seconds. 6.X is definitely a soft “record”.

wow took another look and its amazing watching the running mechanics. IF you look closely in slow mo you see that her head almost stays perfectly still the entire race while from her neck and shoulders all the way down the back acts in a wave like fashion…this is cool stuff

Count how many times the power leg straightens.

She would be great for football, from 60mph to 0 in 20m, a sick amount of strength is needed there.

It’s interesting to see her pushing with all her body, as said above in a wave fashion.

Does anybody know what the human 100 record for “four-legged running” is?