55m dash start and drive phase critique- high speed camera

I am in lane 4 in the orange spikes.
Please critique my form.



Your head’s tucked over too much, too long. Look at the guy in Lane 2. His posture is better for the acceleration phase. You are tucked over, with your shoulders tight, then you pop up your head. He transitions much smoother.

Your reaction is not bad relative to the other runners, but you draw your front hand up, then forward - as opposed to out front off the line. When the hand draws up, it stands you up more than the guy in Lane 2, so your departure angle is higher. The head tuck enhances the tension in the shoulders and makes it harder for you to smoothly accelerate.

you look to be loosing power out of your Shoulders due to your arms breaking at the hips. Your arms/shoulders Seem good in the 1st few strides, but seem to break down in transition.
Your hips look strong, good knee lift and glute activation.