5 Second Sprint Training


Didn’t watch. I’ll check it out later. Lots of things that he does that I don’t agree with.
Everyone here should check out Twitter handle - TracKingScience. This acct has it out for him. The account is great imo. Possibly one of our own.
Although I disagree with a number of things…
Tony recruits a lot of athletes and coaches. He does get a lot of coaches out of the dark ages, so to speak.

When I was a Senior in HS I made Huge progress in my times in the 100 and LJ, TJ from Sep. 1st to February.
Went out and long jumped one day as a test. I went well over the school record…about 23’. This was in Feb.
the guy watching was a friend of someone else who did long jump on the team. He saw my jump and helped me measure it. I told him to please not share this info with anyone. I want to surprise everyone. I followed a program based on Charlie’s info and did a H. Walker book drills on off days.
When track season started. It took me the whole damn year to get back to where I was in Feb. wtf I thought!
I would have thrived under his program though.
Our school had a lot of talent that never even tried for track.

What don’t you agree with? I been using a version of Tony’s warmup.

Warm-up seems fine. I’m pretty sure you add your own touch/experience into it.

You know who’s killing it on SM and sharing what his group is doing? Mike Young on insta.

SM? Mike young?

Social Media - Instagram
Mike Young PhD

Funny you bought him up.

I wanted to thank RB34 for this video. I had not watched it yet.

This video for those who have or might watch it, it’s a perfect example of all the things RB34 does not understand about speed or sprinting.

RB34 appears to be a kind, hard working and thoughtful person even if he never followed any of the rules on this site in spite of my asking him to. That includes posting ads for this type of entertainment and education on what might you wish to avoid as an athlete and coach.

I also wanted to thank RB for drawing people to this site for speed training. If you read this you might wish to educate yourself with the best content you are able to read and or afford and learn some basic ideas about speed training. When or if you do this you will be able to see how this video illustrates what might help you run faster because that part is easy. What is not easy in speed training is day in and day out practice of tried and true method.

Good luck and thanks for reading.

Coach Ange Coon

Dang, did he get the boot from this site? or did he pull a hammie and will be back. The man does not give up. He’s a fighter.

I don’t have anything against Tony but if his program is so damn good. Someone please take out his best athlete and his worst- make a list all of the athletes who ran for his HS Program who have broken 11.00 FAT Milesplit legit times.
is there even one? if so, who? what year?

in other news, I did some easy sprints (about 80%) this Sunday and Monday on grass -barefoot. Felt great. Softball season starts next week. I wonder if Sprinting will be in my near future 2023.

Why are you sprinting in barefoot? You are not able to run very fast in barefoot and kinda takes the fun out of sprinting doesn’t it? Are you going for the Mark Sisson ideals? ( note; don’t try Sisson’s salad dressings. They taste like motor oil from my dads boat but worse…shameless money grab that guy has going on but pure crap)

Took the kids to the Park on Sunday bc it was so nice. Wearing slides. Unplanned sprints. Racing everyone.
Next day, the weather was so nice that we had the Family Meeting at another park. Once again, in slides. Unplanned.
Just finding ways to get things done.
Even though i am in slides…doesn’t mean i am a target for the punks. Concealed…ready for war.

BTW, i don’t want to run as fast as I can. I had knee surgery Oct. 21 2021. Have to take it somewhat cautiously.
No pulled hamstrings or any issues with Training whatsoever for years. Body awareness is extremely high.

slides are brutal on my feet and calves. i even had young ladies in grade school wearing plastic high heals to track practice and hurdle practice.

don’t get me started on footwear…

Unplanned fun is the best.

Nice. I had knee surgery too. It was a mistake because I listened to the doctor and believed him. Honest mistake but exploratory surgery? I could have done better. Trusting white coats? Trust needs to be earned not assumed.

with high body awareness maybe you will be able to return to sprinting as fast as you are able…maybe? Why not. wait and see…

Speaking of Oil. Thoughts on Hemp oil?

Clearly it works for some very well and I have spoken to people who have sworn by it for pain.

Cancer? I have strong opinions about the disease issues that are at an all time high and getting worse.

If you want to understand a good article on Hemp look up Mr. Chris Kresser. He’s a functional med guy and I use him to vet ideas.

The issue with things like Hemp or other alleged health cure all stuff …quality variability is vast.

Depends on why you need it or want it as well. I think you need to have experience and experiment but be mindful of the money and the placebo effect…