5-day-taper for 200m/400m comp. Critics welcome !!!

i have to run 200m and 400m at a school meet. Normally i m doing 100m/200m…

Anyway, what do you think about this taper:

5 days before:
4 days:
long Warm-up
2x30m block 5’
2x30 fly. 5’P
120m+150m or 1x200m or 120m+180m
weights 2,4 reps lower body(reduced volume)

3 days:
weights 2,4,6 reps upper body(reduced volume)
Tempos 8x100m
2Tage vorher
3-4x30m block 95%
2x60m in 9-10 secs, just technically correct
1 day before

200m, long jump, javelin, 400m

The red signed is my biggest concern…

Any critics are welcome and appriciated!


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I don’t know what you do normally,
But if I’d take wat more rest,

day 2
warm up
maybe only 2x30 starts
warm down(stretches)

Just do as little as possible for comt. because it’l be a hard day


if you attempting a 400m i would skip the block starts the week leading into the meet you will need your quads fresh to come home strong in the last 100m so maybe do these with a less explosive action from a 2 step start or even just go with your fly’s as suggested…


thx, that might be a good point!

Normally i prepare like this for 200m comps in pre-comp-phase.
So i havent really tried to focus on the 400m.

What do you guys think about the 400m time after running a 200m 3h earlier?
How much time will i loose, because of running a 200m before?

Not much, but that would depend on your conditioning level and of course, how fast you ran that 200m.


So any other ideas about the red marked runs…?