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[QUOTE=RB34;236301]I know the redskins staff and they not doing that.

I totally agree with you. I know a gentleman who left the lions to join the redskins staff.
I just looked at the huskies program. Yeah…:stuck_out_tongue:

on this basis and using a 1RM calculator http://www.exrx.net/Calculators/OneRepMax.html perhaps it should actually be called 8,6,4…but then that isn’t as cool sounding :stuck_out_tongue:

Davan, is that you???

Washington university not Redskins!!!Redskins maybe used diferent program tipe,because their inseason start in august or september,like other NFL teams…i dont now what is NFL mezocycles and microcycles!!!

Maybe 2 mounts before start NFL season they work for srength,max strength…GO BUCS:)))

I give you part of this program for week 4 low volume and week 4 strength.
W4 low:power clean-jump clean 1x6 40%,muscle clean 1x5 50%,hang clean 1x3 60%,clean 1x2 70%,1x2 80%,4x2 85%!!!
W4 strength:jump clean 1x6 40%,muscle clean 1x4 50%,hang clean 1x3 60%,clean 1x2 80%,1x1 85%,1x1 90%,1x1 95%,1x1 98%,1x1 100%,1x1 102%,continue to MAX if successful!!!thats it…

Another thing that must be considered is that in-season practices/spring ball are anything but a high/low split, especially at WR/DB. It has always seemed prudent to me to include some form of CNS work on a daily basis as you get closer to training camp and the season.

Anecdotally, I have run into people (some on this board) that find explosive med ball throws with lighter implements to be restorative in nature. Additionally, Dan has mentioned in the past that med ball throws were great for “rebooting the CNS.”

James, great comment on feeling excellent as often as possible. It’s quite simple but sticking to such advice would eliminate 90% of the overtraining/overuse injuries and pathologies that seem so common in many programs.

Hey James, what does the volume look like for the throws/jumps per session in the spring for your skill guys?

By spring I’m guessing that you’re referring to pre-spring ball.

It’s a sequence from week to week, and block to block, and I modify the program every year.

At certain times the load is graduated in terms of volume and in others its graduated in terms of intensity.

There are different volume ranges depending on where we are in each training block and the intensity of the jump variants.

Short of illustrating what we did each week any volumes would only represent what did on a particular day.

I illustrate the general outline in my DVD entitled Bionergetic Sequencing in the Development of Sport Form.

In general, however, explosive throws will range from 10-50 total throws per session and the range is even bigger for jumps depending on whether the emphasis is more explosive or reactive.


What’s your thoughts on low intensity jump circuits on speed days done in GPP? For example 10 different low intensity jumps (pogo jumps, squat jumps, lateral jumps etc) perform for 10reps while resting 30sec btw movements. I think it’s a great way to condition the lower body while developing power, also you are able to get a high volume of jumps without torching the CNS.

It works well. We’re doing something similar right now.

Is this similar to Pfaff’s rud’s?


Can you expand on the benefits of doing the low amplitude jumping routines?

Just answered this question on EFS last night. Search the football section of the Q&A and you’ll see it. My screen name is The Thinker on EFS

You can switch them over to low int days in place of tempo, in conjunction with gen str circuits, as well.

I know that but that’s not the purpose.

Kinda but a little more higher intensity.

Just trying to help my friend.

I know, what did I say?