4x1 relay set-up

What is the best way to measure marks for outgoing runners in the 4x100? I have heard that the athlete should measure 28-30 foot lengths. I appreciate helping a newbie!

thank you! i will email you for the other ideas!

One manner we find successful is to step off 18 heel-to-toe footlengths from the beginning of the acceleration zone. Place tape 3/4 width length of the lane at the stepped off mark and step off 10 footlengths furtherup. Place 2nd tape diagonally from stepped off mark toward 1st mark, creating an abbreviated box.

Outgoing runner takes off once incoming runner is inside the box. Note: marks should be placed on the side of the lane where the incoming runner is optimally positioned (ex. turn runners on left side of lane).

If acceleration zone is not marked on the track, step off half the distance of the exchange zone and step off this count from the beginning of the exchange zone plus 15-20 footlengths (depending on shoe size).

Obviously, you will need to test these parameters out to achieve ideal passing results.

There are several other methods utilized from other countries, e.g., France, Jamaica, etc. Robert Johnson is widely reputed as the best teacher of relay running from the U.S. If interested in these to some detail, e-mail me at chui.chimani@2000athletics.zzn.com.