49 Seconds of a Lifetime

I guess you can say im crazy for doing this. Im scared. Im nervous. I’m afraid to fail.

I think inside of us there is the bit of self doubt that wants to bring you down when you set out to accomplish something. I guess im through that now… To introduce myself, my name is B. I am 21 and my journey that has brought up to this point has been a bit rocky. I ran the 400 and 300m hurdles in high school. Good enough to get a track scholarship to one of the best sprint community colleges in the country in Kansas. Now before I go on,part of me writing this journal is to be completely honest about how things are, and with myself, so I will go into some back ground. When i got out of school, I was 189 pounds and heavy. I mean I could run but I differently have used a diet(I was 5’10). I never really worked hard and was scared of the pain my race needed me to endure to be sucessful. So I slacked…just ran off of talent. When I got to Kansas,I thought things would be different… I would train hard, and get it going…Not…the quality of talent there intimidated me. And my work ethic sucked. But to an extent i tryed. And saw some results until things outside of track got in my way. Its amazing how business interferes with the lives of people. And for once,my problems had absolutely nothing to do with me. So I came home after a semester at school.Embarassed and dejected… This wasn’t where I was supposed to be… I fell out of love with track. I tryed to regain it after being invited to the USA Junior Elite Camp in San Diego at the olympic training center… It was fun but I was far to overweight(200 pounds) and i hated track.So I balooned up to 210 pounds and just lived a normal boring life.

Three years later here I am… Alive,focused and new. I couldnt live my life as someone who never did anything with his talents or skills. I see the people around me and realize that the people in my neighborhood have done really nothing with there lives and if I didnt change I was gonna die, or be a bum. So I got around some old friends and got back into olympic taekwondo(I am a second dan black belt…) The sport saved my life, as I enguffed myself in it. And over a year at 184 pounds I was a national level competitor. So in the fall of 2004 I decided to go to a lower division the required me to go down to 158 pounds. And I did it, maybe unhealthy but I did it…And it felt good.Within 2005 I was trying out the united states national team.And the weights I was lifting I was at 172 pounds of muscle.It feel good,and I keep lifting and losing more weight. Now I arrive at 165 pounds and in the best shape of my life. This spurred people to asked me why arent I running again… More and more people asked me and after thought, I caved in.

So here I am and I sit at this computer with my journey. Back on the track. 21 years old 5’11 165 pounds. Im a way more mature and understand the things in my life have made me better and stronger. And I have never been one to take the easy road,so Im going for it.

My goal is to run 48-49 seconds in the 400m by May 26th. Why? Well I have one year of eligibility under the NCAA after this year,and I want to run division 1 track. And the school in my hometown told me if I can break 49 in the 400 I can walk on which I have no problem doing.Now, I want to this for myself as well, but the most important factor is my father. He has been there through thick and thin and he never left. And when I was running he was at his happiest. And I want him to see my do this. For me,this is my olympics. For him to see me carry the baton for a division 1 school. I love my dad for driving to Kansas to come get me overnight to bring me home. He sold his chevy nova to help me get settled. He is as much apart of this as I am. So I have FEB,MARCH,APRIL AND part of May to do this. I have been on the track for two weeks not but i never had a set program. Thanks to the LACTATE thread, I am following an outline that I think suits me.

The scary thing about all this is, I have no idea where I am at as far as my running. I dont know my foot speed, or anything that will give me an indication of what it will be like for me. Some people say I willl be faster because of the weight loss and strength Ive gained since 2003. I am lighter and I can see my abs. I could never do that in high school. But I know that for not runnning that long, I may be slower than ever. The only way to find out is to go for it. Im scared as hell and I might fail. But I will try to run as fast a God will allow me. And I run 49 so be it. If not, I will move. But I WANT TO so bad…And I feel I can.

So this journal is my journey and my thoughts through this… I am going to be as real as possible posting my workouts(running and weights),emotions and just other stuff in general. I accept all comments,criticism and advice or motivation. I am still learning, and this is my epic saga so to say hahahaa. So thank you guess for taking the time out to read all this ish… More to come tommorow.

Goals:49.9 may 26th
100 :10.78

First meet: March 18th or march 23rd…

To was long to begin with. School was ok,but we had an emergency meeting at the job(I am personal trainer). My schedule is hectic now…Nonetheless, I have to focus when it comes to the track. I remember when I went to Kansas,my teammate Damion Berry(A 400 runner in trinidad who is pro)told me that when you come to practice leave it all behind. And I did my best today. LOL to add to my troubles,its was 49 degrees today lol. In florida at that. And windy…Im not mad at all. I did ok. with the wind and could I could give or take a second and a half.

2(4x150) most at 20.3 3 minutes rest or walk back.When i get tired,I tend to lean back when I sprint.Considering the conditions it wasnt that bad. The last 2 got ugly lol…But im not upset nor worried considering what im trying to do I need to focus a lil more,but its early, and I hope to be fine. I have to squat today…Hopefull that will go well.Im off to work now…Blessings…

Hey man, good to see you on here. I would run a 200 time trial to see where you stand. To run a 48 to low 49 400m you’ll typically need high 21 second to mid 22 second 200 meter speed.

Good luck,

Thanx man.Update coming soon.

Not necessarily … I’ve a training partner that couldn’t break 22 seconds but could run 46.8 in a quarter.

Personally, I think TKD’s best option would be to get a coach. No matter how good a programme is, if the athlete isn’t executing it properly they ain’t goin’ nowhere.

good luck TKD.

That is definitely not the norm though.

You very are close to equal splits with 23.0 and 23.8

Your friend had killer speed endurance :slight_smile:

Ok.Havent posted in a while. So I have been official training a month and three months.So I said the hell with it im going to run a meet. SO yesterday after not running in a meet since may of 2002, I stepped back on the track.I must say I was scared as hell.

So it was a nice day for a track meet…Problem is in Clermont Florida it was extremely winding beyond belief. Everyone has been telling me I can run 49 seconds,maybe even 48 right now. But to be honest,I really dont believe it…I mean off a month and a half of training and not running in three years,you kind of have to be realistic. But when people tell you,you want to believe it. So I was going to be happy with anything under 55 hahaha. So in my race(400m), it was weird.I was in lane 5. Inside of me was chris ward who is the top 400m running in florida high schools. He ran 46.97 last summer and I had no idea it was him. Next to me in lane 6 was a 4th grader!! No you may ask me,why was there a 4th grader next to you. Simply put, they put everyone in one heat. Next to the 4th grader was a 60 year old man. So there was no one outside of me to gear off of. But at the same time, I should have taken it out harder. Anyway I got out and I just ran comfortably the first 200 meters.Ward who was in 4 ran right by me and I didnt want to go with him because I didnt want to mess my pace up or die at the end. At 200 I made my move and I was in 2nd. I didnt even see the guy in lane 3 because he snuck right up on me and finished second. Ending time 51.54. Chris ward ran 49.02 i think and the other guy ran 51.22. Now,there a problem is… It felt like I didnt run hard. I mean I ran hard,but I didnt. One because I didnt take the first 200 out hard enough(due to me not exploding out of the blocks),and at the end of the race after i finished,it didnt even hurt…I have never ran a 400m that didnt hurt… So now,do I believe I can run 49 seconds?Without a doubt yes. How soon though, I have no idea. But from now on I am going to work my butt off to find out. I want to run saturday at miami,but if I dont want will run on may 6th at florida state. Next thing was my 200 meters…I got placed in the second heat because my pr is only 22.65. So once again there condensed the heats again. So I had different ages in my race. I won my race by almost a second. 23.36 in a -6.3. I was kind of upset when i saw the time but then I saw the wind and it definetely eased my mind a little. So…I dont know how to feel. But I do know I can go 49 seconds. Ive been a little hard headed the last couple training weeks doing what I thought needed to be done. Plus I train on my own so I need all the help I can get… So Im looking for all the input I can get. So please, all replies and comments are welcomed…Thank you.

Get yourself over into the Lactate Threshold Thread and absorb everything in it and you will go under 49.
Also great job. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Great job on your first meet back. 23.36 into a -6.2 wind?? Wow… That sounds good for a sub 23 no doubt. Keep workin hard man, you’ll get there.

Yo whats up guys?
After an odd week,I have resumed training.Last week,I cant really explain what I went through,but when I tryed to run I didnt have it in me. My body didnt feel right and everything felt mad hard. So after talking it over with some people, I thought my goals and decided not to shut it down and train for colliegiate indoor next january, but to hit it one more time. So I started with KK’s GGP. I will be doing weeks 1,2,4,and 6,then a 2 week transition,on to two weeks of taper.I dont even know what half of that means but im going to learn.

Yesterday was 350,300,250,200,150,100,60,50,40,30 all with SLOW walk backs for recovery. I thought I would die on this session but overall I feel pretty good.

Then I hit the weights.
Bench Press 3x12,10,6,4
Incline Bench 3x8
Shoulder 3x7
Side Lateral Raises 3x12
Tricep pressdowns 3x8
Skull Crushers 3x8.
Then abs,and a 20 minute run.

Today will be a light day. I have weights again
Pull ups 3x12
Lat Pull Downs 3x12
Lat Row 3x12
Barbell Curls 3x12
One Arm Preacher Curls 3x12

I have this thing where I have to lift everyday(being a personal trainer its part of the job)but I feel fresh when I lift everyday.But I have to be careful to monitor my body and not tear it down.

My new goals are to run


I opened up with 51.54 on the 8th and it was so easy but my training honestly has been just ok and it never addressed anything specifically.I picked that time because I really feel I do what I have to do in 8 weeks times,I can run it.The 161 weight goal is a number Ive been trying to reach for years. I am 168 right now,and if I end up going lower I dont mind.

The one thing about training that scares me is special endurance…Ive never done it,and if I run a slow time, I am afraid it will will kill my confidence. I am also ashamed to say in my whole running career,I have never done speed work…So alot of this is new to me,which makes me believe i have not even touched my full potential.
So whatever you guys feel I need to know please tell me.

Be Safe!

:eek: so what did you do?

I’m a bit confused by your comment above
So after talking it over with some people, I thought my goals and decided not to shut it down and train for colliegiate indoor next january, but to hit it one more time. have you changed your goal of running 48-49 seconds in the 400m by May 26th? :confused:

Well for one. I was never introduced to speed work all through high school.even my semester in college,it was just some basic stuff. I always trained just to get in shape.

And im going to try to run 49-48 by june 10th.it is the last meet in florida.and if you win that one,you go on to a regional championship but i probaly wont go and i will just start a new GPP for indoor season. I just want to run as fast as God will alway me.

You have to lift everyday? Why??

I would dramatically cut your lifting if possible. I’d do maybe bench, incline, and 1 tricep exercise. Heck, I might even do less than that for upper body. Also, what’s with the 20min run at the end of your hard day?

The lifting is something I got accostomed to when I was overweight.I started lifting everyday and I went down from 214 that way.Its something that I have always done and I dont feel complete with out it in my day. And it doesnt really tax me either.Its the same with my 20 minutes run. I feel like they help my recovery,so I them everyday after I lift except for leg days.These are things I feel help me.But thats what your guys are here for,to help me learn…

Anyway today was:

15 minute run
3x12 barbell curl
3x12 one arm preacher curl
3x12 lat row
3x12 lat pulldown.

Tommorow is the day i kind of fear

This workout will honestly make or break me. I am terrified of it,and its going to test my work ethic…Im just going to do the best I can.
Keep the comments coming.

That’s fine if you feel that stuff helps you recover but if you start feeling sluggish, that’s the first stuff I would cut down on (the lifting…arm curls, etc).

2x300/150 is easy compared to alot of peoples’ 400m training. Just let the speed happen, don’t try to run WR pace. Your times for the special endurance sessions will improve quite a bit after a few sessions of it(as long as you are recovering well enough between workouts).

I’d also try to get 4 or 5 races under your belt before your big meet in June. Races may be your best training.

I wish I could get 4 or 5 races under my belt.There arent that many around here. Just that one shot. And Im gonnna make the best of it.

Yea…I am so proud of myself today…Busted out the 2(300+150). I was lil nervous,but it helped that I got up early(6 a.m) in the morning and went to the track when no one was there so I can focus. Since I practice alone, I have to really push myself. The runs felt good.No real lactic acid build up and I gave myself full recovery.Overall I give myself an A plus.As long as I am consistent on the track and my weight comes down, I will definetely reach my goal.Today is what I call my monster day in the weight room.I love tough days in the weight room because I know I am taking my body somewhere its never been before.

Hang Cleans 3 or 4x10
Squats 3x12
SLDL 3x12
Back hypers,then abs.

20 minute run and a well deserved nap and oatmeal for lunch.

That leads me to something. I am an oatmeal fanatic and 4 or my 6 meals will be oatmeal lol.
Its just something I love to eat! Eggs to…That is my basic diet besides protein.Thats the life of an athlete on a budget…I am off to my next class. I welcome the comments and motivation.

Looks good man. Only thing I would say is to keep your clean reps to no more than 5; risk of injury from fatigue will result eventually… My wrist is still not 100% from when I was doing 205 lbs for reps on hang cleans… Good work on the 300+150… No times on these? I’m with you on the oatmeal and eggs, but I don’t know if I eat them as much as you do! Keep up the good work!

:eek: gutsy workout first thing in the morning.