49 Seconds of a Lifetime

Lol I never have times on anything.When I say I workout by myself,I mean like by myself lol.

I see… Tough to gauge where you’re at without times, but at least you’re gettin it done! I know how hard it is doin workouts by myself; sucks!

Get a stopwatch and time yourself! $9. I honestly can’t imagine how people who train alone do not use a stopwatch…I know a few people who do this. Makes no sense to me!!!

A little sore today…I know its from the weight session but its not too bad.Thank the Lord today is a rest day with 5x200 tommorow…Yay!!Lactid acid I can feel it right now.

Today is the regional meet for my track team(I coach the sprinters).If all goes will I will have 4 kids go to state.If it goes real well I expect to have 6. But they have some stiff competition especially in the 400 meters where 4 runners are under 49 seconds and my runner has a best of 49.98.And if our 4x1 runs well they should make it 2…

We shall see…

After a good week of practice,practic sucked today!!

I was sore from my weight work out so I decided I would warm up really good.I swear it was the best warm up I ever had…

So I was ready to run…

I am by nature a loner…so I like to have total focus and solitude when I run,no distractions…So just as I was about to run…about 50 people showed up to jog around the track…One thing I learn over my years,sprinters are very impatient people.We want things now,and that is the nature of a sprinter.So me having to wait to run was no fun. Joggers that are recreational,and fat people who walk 300 meters,run 5 meters and then walk 95 meters piss me off.Then there are the body buildings who run 100 and walk 300 meters to run another 100 meters. They were spread out in all the lanes. Plus there were these 3 ladies who were running 400 repeats,but you arent working hard if you can talk during ur run. All this through me off my focus…And there is no way to run 5x200 in 25 (3x200 then 2x200.) when people are in your way. So I ran my first 200 with no one in my way and it was soooooooooo easy… 25.08 from lane one.Then I jogged around and people started again but people we in my lane so I ran into lane 2,but on the homestrech people were in lanes 1,2,3 so I ran into 4 on the 2nd one. 26.68.I jogged around again started in lane 3 I ended up in lane 1…27.69…I was a lil adjitated(I spelled that wrong).I thought about qutting the workout…But then I thought about all of the other workouts ive quit on…And all the hopes and dreams and how this week has gone so well…So i did the last 2…the first one felt easy but it didnt feel like I could really focus…26.69 again.So my last one,i started in lane one…I expected to have about 4 people in my lane so I moved to lane 4 and began my run…I came off of the curve and absolutely no one was in anyone the lanes…That really threw me off lol…My time…a miserable 28.89.Didnt even hurt. I was very upset at the situation and all that went down.

But then I thought about the week I had…it was pretty good.And I thought about the fact that I finished the work out…Thats positive…I couldnt see straight,so It wasnt like I didnt work hard.Could I have worked harder?Oh yes I could have.The last time I did that workout about 3 weeks ago, I ran 24.2,25.08 and 26.02. So I know I can do way better. Plus last week was an off week,so I have to take that to account.Also, I have to think about that there will always be distractions…so you have to learn how to deal with them…Part of being an athlete is taking responsibility for yourself.So I cant blame it all on the people.It falls on me 2…But I can do better, and if I want to run 48.99,I need to do better.I need to get mentally stronger…Ive always had the talent,but you have to put it all together.I know one thing,that first set hurt like hell,and the second didnt…so I cant wait to do that workout again…I have to find that zone…Take it from me,talent and desire with nothing without self dedication,self motivation,and self perservation…No weights 2day or 20 minute run…Im just gonna regroup…Tempo day tommorow which will be easy…Keep the comments coming…There are more than helpful…

That sucks about the people on the track… Nothing you could’ve really done. I think there is a sign though on most tracks that recreational types are supposed to stay towards the outside lanes due to excessive wear to the inside. At least that’s how it is at our track (maybe it’s because it’s at a college)… Anyways, good job you finished at least. That 5x200 workout is a tough one.

lol, should of just started running they would have got the picture!

WRCortese5: GOOD to see you’ve adopted the NZ haka for your avatar bro, gets me pumped everytime :smiley:

Yes, I’m a big fan of the All Blacks and the Haka! Gotta love it!!

Easy day…felt so good…

40 minute run… 2x5x100 afterwards…Need sleep now.

Sunday was a rest day…

If I through this week,I can get through anything.I have finals and papers for school due this week.Sleep deprivation is almost unavoidable.I am working of 4 hours of sleep as we speak.Anyway,I did not feel like working out today because I was tired,but that was no excuse.
I had hills today.In my city we have tons of short hills so I found a hill and did 15 minute intervals running up the hill.I would sprint the hill,stride out to the cone I placed in the open field and jog back down and do it again.

2x15 minute hill interval.

3x12 flat dumbell press (50 pound dumbells)
3x10 incline dumbell press(35 pound dumbells)
3x12 seated dips

Say prayer for me guys…Its going to be that kind of a week.Back to homework…

YAY!!! I get sleep finally.

Training sucked today. Was too tired to complete anyway but I did the workout anyway.

2(3x300 at 45sec)

I really did not feel good and I did not want to lift.So I made a bet with myself. I said if I got out of my night class early,I would lift because we never get out early…My teacher let us out 45 minutes early…

Jerks 3x10
Squat 3x12
Hamstring Curls(lying)3x12
Back Hypers 3x10

I have a 20 minute jog and weights tommorow,or thursday…Now I sleep!!!

After a good night of sleep.I feel much better now…But I have some concerns on my mind about myself…So what am I going to do?Take a nice and easy long run to suffice…

I am kind of having doubts about my potential…Sure its been a while that Ive ran,but sometimes I feel I dont have what it takes it.My body says yes,but my mind says no big time. I dont know if im the only one that has these thoughts,but I tend to be my worst enemy. I am stronger than Ive ever been,lighter than Ive ever been,and im training harder than I ever have,and to add to that,im doing speed work!I never had speed work in my life until now,or the education of the 400meters.So why the doubts?I guess because I dont want to be an average runner.I want to be great. I want to travel to Europe and race the best.For me to be elite in running means the world to me. Thats why I am training so hard to run 48.99…That number would be an indication of what I can still do after all these years.I sound like a real whiny baby,but I said I would share with you guys exactly what Im going through and this is me in the flesh.Everything Ive done to this point has always been about someone else…And now,this is totally about me…The chance to be great at something…But I dont want to try,and fail…No one wants to fail.And I dont know how I will feel if I fail…I guess I will just have to wait and see…

P.s. Can any of you guys give me some tips on how to start clean on my diet and keep how stop water retention.I am holding alot of water.THANX GUYS.

Maybe you don’t? :eek: but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try as hard as you can to find out. Focus on the quality of your training and give yourself every chance to reach your best. Look at your last few posts, were the workouts really that productive? Training by yourself is really tough and you need to as objective as possible.

Hang in there, sometimes the rewards are closer than they appear :smiley:

re the diet have a read of



You still at it?
Apologies if I offended you that was most definitely not my intention.


Hey!You did not offend me at all.Its finals week and I have been extremely busy.So I will update now.

Today I finished day 4 of week 5 in KK’S GPP.It has been really tough.Last friday I had to skip a rest day because there was a cancer march,so a track was not available.I know in the lactate thread,it says if you miss a workout let it go,but in my position,I cannot afford to miss any days. Couple that with finals,and late nights studying,my sessions have been tough.Nonetheless,my efforts have been really good and I cant ask anymore of myself. I am on a new diet and some new supplemenation to help my training.Now all I need is the recovery.I always have a slight tweak in my left hamstring.It doesnt hurt at all,just some tightness,so I will start RICE on it tonight.I will post the workouts later!Thanx for the support guys.It makes all the difference in the world!