400m weight room training

what should the 400m athlete focus on in the weightroom during gpp, spp, pre-comp and comp? what would be good lifts for each phase? thanks for your time.

i want to do the bare minimum during pre-comp so we can focus on other more important training considerations. but what would be the bare minimum?

Since you’ve received no responses, I’ll give you my bare minimum.

Day1 Max Effort Parallel Squat

  • I prefer box squats, but that’s me
  • Full warmup then 3 work sets of 2-5 reps, heavy as they can go and still finish the set

Day2 Dynamic Effort Power Cleans

  • Keep weight down until form is perfected
  • Even with proper form, keep weight in the 60%-70% 1RM and work on explosive reps.
  • Four to six worksets of 3 - 5 reps.
  • pause between reps, no bouncing off the floor

That’s a bare minimum, the only upper body is during the cleans. I’m assuming plenty of core work is being done, otherwise work the core on both days, possibly as a warmup and a cool down.