400m training program for the next couple of months

My PB are: 11.37, 22.91, 36.42 and 51.81
My SB are: 11.79 (I had a lot of injuries this year)

I am planning to start my training beginning of september.
I will repeat each week four times before going to the next training week.

I am planning to train for the 400m. Condition is not so very good.
All long work will be done with a heart rate monitor (don’t know if this is the correct term)

Training 1 will be on monday evening
Training 2 on wednesday afternoon
Training 3 on friday evening
Power (I mean lifting) on sunday morning

On week 15 and 16 I plan some competition in the weekend. The training 3 and power will then be dropped.

Week 1-4
Training 1 5’ aerobic, 25’ anaerobic running up the stadium, 20’ aerobic
Training 2 2*20’ aerobic hills
Training 3 40’ aerobic
Power bench press, straight legged deadlifts, lunges, squat, abs (4 series)

Week 5-8
Training 1 6 x 500m 3minutes rest between, 20’ aerobic
Training 2 3*15’ anaerobic hills
Training 3 25’ aerobic, 20’anaerobic running up the stadium, 10’ aerobic
Power bench press, straight legged deadlifts, lunges, squat, abs (3 series)

Week 9-12
Training 1 6 x 500m 5’ rest in between, 15’ aerobic
Training 2 26200m 90"rest in between, 10 minutes between two sets
Training 3 20’ anaerobic, 25’aerobic
Power bench press, straight legged deadlifts, lunges, squat, abs (3 series)

Week 13-16
Training 1 460m walk back recovery, 6’minutes rest, 480m walk back recovery, 6’ minutes rest, 3*150m walk back recovery
Training 2 400m-350m-300m-250m-200m 8’ minutes rest between
Training 3 30’ anaerobic
Power bench press, straight legged deadlifts, lunges, squat, abs (2 series)

As you can see there is a lot of conditioning in the beginning.

Please give your comments and suggestions !!!

Are you being coached or is this your own plan? Will you be training on your own or with oter runners?

I run since 2001 and have always been coached but my coach moved and since one year I am training on my own.

The program is made of what my coach did and what I read on this website.

I will be training on my own.

I am not sure you can really train properly for the 400 by only training 3 days a week.

I know that. Problem is that I don’t have more time so better three times a week than nothing.

My goals aren’t also extremily high.

I guess it looks ok. There are some good threads on 400 training in the archives and the lactate threshold thread has lots of good info

I already took a look at the lactate threshold topic.

Which other topics are worth reading ?

You can easily train for the 400 with only three trainings per week as long as you train economically - especially for a begginer/intermediate runner. I would even question the benefits of training more than 3 times a week for someone relatively new to the race.

I am assuming you have run the 400 since 2001.How old are you? If you havent been running the 400 for very long 3days a week is ok . seems like you must have a job and cant train on a regular 5to 6 day schedule. If you dont have great expectations you will be fine with what you are doing. But I have only worked with people who train 5-6 days a week. There is just to much that needs to be done if you expect to reach your full potential. Maybe ther are some people on here who have experience working the 400 off of a3days per week schedule. Maybe Flyer can help you.

When I started to run I merely run the 100 and 200 but I had capabilities to run the 400m.
My training program consisted to run 100 to 400 at competitions. So training wasn’t very specific.

I can’t run more than three times a week because of work and studies.

Are there some things I must change in my program ?

looks ok given your time constrints.