400m program

Hi all

some great threads and knowledge floating around these pages.

want to throw something up for discission…

Current weekly set up is.

Monday Speed / Weights
Tuesday Tempo
Thursday Speed E
Sat Tempo & Weights or Comp

we are looking to add another day to the program would it be best to do.

Wed - Speed E or split runs
Thursday Tempo
as the changes for the week.

also how many 400m races in a season do you feel it takes to develop a great rhythm for the event.

This looks like a good arrangement. Might consider adding weights on Wednesday as well as Monday. You might get more feedback if you can provide some specifics on what is included in the speed and speed endurance workouts.

Right now about to finish off with comp phase 1.
time restarints due to studies etc etc only permit 2 gym sessions.
Our early season speed has been focused on being fast over 40-60m.
off late we have been working on max speed leading into the 1st comp phase.
Speed End - working on the 4-6 x 200m @ race pace or 3 x 300m, 4 x 150m

if we do the split runs or speed end wouldnt it be to hard to also do a weights session that day???

It might be difficult to do weights after speed endurance but worthwhile. Just keep the sets and reps low and use at least 85% of max and a fairly long recovery (5 min) between sets, assuming you are focusing on major multi-joint type lifts – cleans, deads, squats, etc. I would probably just do one of those three for the session – two at the most – along with some bench sets.

During the main summer period where comps are held on most saturday evenings and some sundays.

would the following weekly set up be better.

Mon - Tempo
Tue - speed & weights
Wed - tempo
Thur - speed end
fri rest
sat - comp or weights

or would you swap tuesday and thrusday around

I would keep speed work on Monday and Wednesday followed by tempo on Tuesday and Thursday so you get more recovery prior to competition. This also would enable you to keep the weights on Monday and Wednesday after speed/speed endurance work. Your question about swapping the speed and speed endurance days is a good one. I think it depends partially on the volume and intensity in those sessions. If you keep the volume fairly low (<400m total speed) (<600 total speed endurance), you should be OK either way, but you may want to experiment to see what you prefer – and how you feel and what results you get during competition.

If you have comps on Sunday I would definately stay away from any kind of speed on monday. Mon should be a recovery day.

so with 20 weeks left what would the remainder of the season look like?

Cond B - 5 weeks
Strength B - 4 weeks
Power B - 4 weeks
Main Comp - 6 weeks

during the Cond B phase what do you feel are the total metres for tempo and speed…

2 x tempo sessions - 5-6000m
1 x speed - 300m
1 x speed end - 600-900m

The volume looks about right, assuming the 5-6000m for tempo is total for the two sessions and not each session.

yeah thats the total for both sessions…

so even with a 200 or 400m comp on the saturday you would still do speed on the monday?

and is some bounding prior to speed workout then to much in the one session?
our gym session are 10-15 mins after speed sessions.

tempo consists of 2 x 10 x 100m on grass with core work at each end.
the other session is on the track with distances up to 250m. should this be extended to 300m and are joggers better than spikes for this session.

going back into the conditioning b phase what speed end or splits runs do you suggest…

Monday should be OK for speed, assuming you take off on Sunday. If you’re too fatigued, sore or whatever on Monday, you’ll have to adjust. Maybe changing tempo to Monday and Wednesday and speed on Tuesday and Thursday. It depends how well you recover.

I would do bounding and other plyometric work after speed sessions.

As for the tempo, that looks good except I would keep all of it on grass and without spikes if you can.

There are some really good threads on split runs already on the site. Some were posted recently. Take a look around. If you have trouble finding them, ask for help, I might be able to help locate them.

Go to Lactate Threshold Training (in Fundamentals) for one good thread. Try the Search to locate other threads on Split Runs.

will have a look for them now.
for our longer tempo runs they will have to be on the track as we do not have a suitable grass surface.

so with speed days are you suggesting
speed / bounding / weights

Correct on the speed day set up.
One other note is that on the tempo runs done on the track make sure you are wearing well cushioned shoes – maybe adding a soft insole to your shoes.

current week set up is for our 1st week of cond phase b we are also having the week off weights for the 1st week of this phase.

Mon tempo on track in joggers
3 x 500m (85-90 pace) walk back rest.

Tuesday split runs
2 x 200m / 200m [40]

Wed Tempo on grass in joggers
2 x 10 x 100m with abs and push ups

Thurs Speed
Acc Dev

Fri Rest

there is a 400m race on not sure to race or not.

The way you have Monday, it’s Special Endurance and not tempo. You could do the Wednesday workout on Monday. If you keep the Monday workout, you’re going fast two days in a row. I’d avoid that.

what suggestions for monday?

is it a matter of just making the reps slower or changing the distance aswell.

would 300,200,100,100,200,300,200 be a better option?

If you haven’t, I suggest you check out that Lactate Threshold Thread. It has nearly everything you need to know about 400m training, lenghty i know but its well worth the time.

Yeah i have read the thread all 27 pages…

so you do not think that tempo runs over 500m are suitable

I don’t like the 500 distance that much. I think 100s and 200s, maybe 300s would be better. Keep the effort level less than 75%. Have the total volume around 2000 to 3000 meters. Rest about 30-45 seconds between reps and a couple of minutes between sets. If you want to make it more challenging, emphasizing the conditioning rather than recovery aspect, cut down the rest intervals and keep the quality at 70-75%.