400 m - Short to Long graph by Charlie Francis

Dear members,

I have not attended this forum in several years due to personal reasons. Recently, I began dealing with sprint training again. In former times I occupied myself quite a bit with Charlies training theory. I remember searching for a graph showing a Short to Long approach for the 400 meters created by him. Someone in the forum mentioned it back then, but nobody could come up with it. I even sent a mail to Angela asking for it, but she could also merely find a Long to Short graph for the 400, which she kindly mailed to me as an attachment.

So now, as a couple of years have passed, I want to ask again: Does anyone reading or writing here have the aforementioned diagram? If that is the case, perhaps - with consent of the responsible persons - it could be displayed here, or otherwise it could be mailed to me privately.

Thanks in advance for contemplating and answering!

I have a document with both the short-to-long and long-to-short graphs. I contacted Angela, so hopefully we can find a way to get it in your hands soon.

I would totally purchase those graphs if they were available in the store.

Send me your email.