400 h advice on plan-> Is it too much??

Hi all,

I’d like to have comment on the next training plan.
Since a few month i have a new coach and she is not very experienced in running 400(hurdles)

She showed me 2 plans(one she wants to work with next mont)
(H=hurdle in 400H distance)
H 1-2-3 4-6 times
2-3 x 300m in 38,5-39,0

H 1-2-3-4-5-6 from blok 2-3x

2x4x150 2’ 8 min betw set(in long break medicin bal exercise


6-8 H(15m in 5 steps) 8-10x
then as desert :(… 300-200-150 or 3x300 in sub 39

sat comp or 4x5 min easy run
sun comp or 4x5 min easy run

The second plan is this:
5x200 1st in 28 last in 25
3x 7H(255m) in 32,5 (competition speed)

600-500-400 (90-71-52) 15 min rest
Sprint from block 50-60m 5x
6to8 Hurdles in 5 steps(15m) 6-8x
2x300 <39

What do you think about it.

I think its really much!!
especially the first 3 days are way to hard.

PLeas comment I might learn… and so wil my coach

first off… what are your PR’s in the 1,2,4 400h?? How old are you? what build are you?? I ask b/c some bigger people(tall) do better with longer tempo stuff. It seems like a lot. add up the distances everyday (over hurdles and not). What background does your coach have?


wieght 65
length 1m 68

coach background jumping international level, basic running(national level)
willing to learn.

to me, that seems like A LOT of work done by both the muscle system and the CNS. you should try doing a speed session, where you go over the first hurdle several times (0-60m) with plenty of rest -this is quality day, and the next day would be easier 75% stuff, tempo, more volume with less rest. helps to flush the system. next day might be special endurance, so if it were early in the season, 120’s over hurdles (more hurdles than usual) or just flat. later in the season, extend that out to 300 or 350 to get into more lactate and race feeling runs.
The thing witht the 400h is that there is a lot of lactate work also. Many ways to skin a cat. A buddy of mine used this type of method and took off 1.5s. I have seen guys do a day every 10 days of 800m lactate work.
Anyone on the board have experience with 400m h???
best of luck, the times are impressive!! Keep us up to date on how you do!


i have to agree with fastdude, in that both workouts seems like way too much, especially if its competition season. In my opinion, the second plan seems like it could be the best, with some modifications. first, i would make monday shorter, like 150’s over 3 hurdles, either out of blocks, or at the end. Tuesday and Wednesday should be switched. the 600-500-400 could be done, but at tempo. you need to recover that day from monday. That way you use the 3x7H as your special endurance. But that too could be cut down to 2 or 1, but that’s up to you. Thursday, again, is some kind of recovery, and friday’s workout looks good.

That’s my take on the plan. But I’m definitely open to critisism/comments. Good luck with that pinda.

I assume the 5 steps are 110m hurdles? Can you re-write plan 2 in order by day? Also how old are you?

charlie: 5 steps ared one with hurles at 12 to 15m
rewrite plan 2? how do you mean?
I am 26

The plan was changed for the last 2 weeks because of injury (achilles irritation and abs, right side) I couldn’t lift my trail leg to the side :frowning:

what did we do? My coach tends to surprise us everytime so we did the following the last 2 weeks(startig 12 may)after competition on sat 53,27 on 400H

Mo12: s
ome problem with achilles so alternative prog. trow a medicine bal for 1 lap on grass and jog to bal,swing legs 40x,bench press 20x40kg,
…done that 4 times.


still a little Achilles irritation,and ab, so alternative plan: squat jumps on grass with 5 kg,
-3x 40m acceleration,
hanmstring exerciseand also trow ball and run afer it, for 200m…(between exercize about 1-2 min rest) done it 4 times

home trainer day: 5x2 min HF 180
then nemEs 10x 1 min
then last stretching and achilles exercise

Thu+fri rest(had to work all day)
saterday tired from 2 days hard wordk, done some for achilles and stretching

competionti 100:11.13(allmost Pb) 400: 50.00 really bad


just warmin g upo and 8x100 acceleration

morning: 5x5 min hometrainer -r1minmHf 140
and exercises for achilles and grion

evening…warming up and play some soccer… was rerally fun

3x3x100 dribble back till 40 m line then walk to 100 an d run again. after 3 times walk 300(around the track)

20 min hometrainer,

and today
3x3x200 with H 7-8-9-10-11(at 5m before finish) r=walk 200m and 8min after 3

so the thing with my coach is that she plans things and she does something totally different. Real hard to set your mind to it, but untill now i am having my best season start ever.
So i hope to run sub 51 this year

And for jayree, if you want some plans ive got some paperwork at home. i trained with athe national selection. harry schultimng coached it 48.49 he ran :slight_smile: