400 blues

My 400m times have not improved over the last four weeks. I seem to be stuck between 61.1-62.0, but my 200m time has improved over the same period. Last night my 400m time was 62.8, but I had a 200m pr of 26.5, and seemed to have much more energy for that race. This does not make sense to me since I ran the 400m first, and ran the 200m after only 25 min recovery time. Last year at this time my 200m was around 27.1, but my 400m time was a flat 60. With two meets a week, we have been doing mostly tempo training in practice. The day before, we did an 800-600
-400-300-200-100. Districts are just around the corner. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I have read the posts about lactic tolerance, 400m workouts, etc. My high school coach does incorporate some of what is suggested, but we hardly do any real speed work.

I was just hoping to possibly offer suggestions to her without coming accross as arrogant.
Since my 200 times are improving, I’m not sure if speed work is what I really need though.

do you run the 400 every single meet? How many 400’s have you ran this year, including 4x4? Maybe you should take a break from running the open and one meet say run the 200 and 4x4, one meet do the 400 only, one meet 100/200? Vary it up, that might help you out a bit.

I run the 400 open, and 4x400 every meet. So, that works out to be approx 30+ 400’s in the last 1-1/2 months.

So, you think it’s more of my body needing rest, rather than more speed work?
There is no way my coach will let me out of the 4x400, so maybe for the next meet, I can give up the open 400.

what’s your 200m split for the 400m? Maybe we can go from there to see whats wrong.

30 400’s in a month and a half is a lot. your body probably does need a break and switching it up to maybe a 200 or a 100 would be a good idea in my opinion!

Oops i missed that post, and that’s right, that is a lot. How many meets do you run per week??

holy shit even 30 400’s in one season is a lot… Take a break from the open 400 a couple times… That will probably help out a lot.

I wish I could give you my 200m split in the 400m, but she does not time it.
I will take your advice and back off of the 400 opens for a week. Maybe I could do some short speed work after practice if I am not given the opportunity to run them at meets.
Thanks for your help!

Just a heads up, short speed work is not effective unless you’re fully rested, so doing it after practice would not be the best idea. If you warmed up early and did it before the regular workout, then that would be a better idea. Also, entering a 100 or 200 in a meet will also help develop your speed, even though it’s not the optimal way to do it. Good luck, the 400 is hard, but I think it’s a pretty fun race.

We had another meet last night. I tried without success to only run the 4x400, but instead ran the 100 open, 400 open, and the 4x400.
I did have a pr in the 100 @ 12.8, but my 400 @ 62.2 is getting worse.

Thanks for all of the help. I will plead my case again before the league meet next Tuesday.