40-200m training

Hi I plan on running from 40 -200 m and i havnt started training yet. I’m just wondering what my training schedule should look like and wat times are good and competitive for those competitions. all help is appreaciated

Time wise it would depend on what state you were in whether you want to be competitive locally, statewide,nationally internationally etc.

I’d say the most important thing about making a training schedule is knowing your own body (i.e. recovery rate, weaknesses such as poor flexibility, and when the best time for you to train) and making a fair program for yourself.

Incorporate a solid training regimen that includes a healthy diet, making sure to not miss meals and take in supplements such as multivitamins, aminos, oils, etc. to aid in regeneration.

Training for the short sprints involves weight room work. More power will help on the track. READ AS: more power, less weight= lower times. Work one or two days a week with weights after a track session. There are some that separate weights from track work and have success, so find out which one works for you. Incorporate plyometrics as a change of pace or as a staple in your workouts, your choice (some benefit while others suffer). Weight room work involves posterior chain movements to develop core and stabilizing strength in your back, hips, and legs. Do the lifts that prepare you for your race, because it’s better to run a good time than having nice peaks on your biceps.

Improvements only happen with sufficient rest. Believe in the power of regeneration techniques, such as massage, creams, contrast showers, soaking, etc. Use them when needed.

Good times for sprint distances from 40m-200m varies. If you’re a beginner, I’d say that it’s more important to run well and work tirelessly on form. If you focus on only time when you begin, you’ll be making a mistake. If you master form, good times will follow.

This is a general idea of what is good when first starting your training…

40m- <5.5s
60m- <8.0s
100m- <13.0s
200m- <26.0s


40m- <4.7s
60m- <6.60s
100m- <10.2s
200m- <20.5s

Note that these are just observations of one athlete that follows this sport. Other ideas are of what dictates “good times” and “elite times” are welcome.

Good luck!

I’m in california and I would only want to be competitive on the state level at most so should I aim for the “elite” times or are those to slow or fast? Where can i get information on the proper form? And my team will probably be pretty good, on the girls team one of the girls this last yr had a time of 16min 51.64 secs in the 5000m and that was the nations fastest high school time this yr…in the 3200m she had the 14th fastest time in female us high school history.

hopefully the guys team isnt that good

O ok so you go to school with Caitlin Chock. Nice. anyway are you planning on being a sprinter if so and this is your first year I could possibly say that in CA those times are a bit fast for state level but no one really knows what you can do yet…But state level most boys from Cali are in the nations top 20.

actually i think her name was somethin flacks…i go to harvard westlake if that means anything to u…i dont know how i can get timed yet b/c all my school has rite now is xcountry…track starts wen school starts. i really wanna get timed so i can c wat im workin w/…i go the gym every once in a while…any running routines u think i should try guys? im plannin on workin for 400 and down