30m video- am i getting better

First some background:

220lbs (down from 245)
started training around July.


since im surrounded by haters, i turn to you guys,for SOME guidance over the web. better than nothing !

Thanks ahead for any comment… please give me homework.

Wasn’t too bad. Hard to tell with the camera angle. The camera is too close to trackside and you don’t get a good look at your first 15m from the profile. Also, what was the framer rate of the video (looks like 15 frames per second, as opposed to 30 fps).

You are up and running tall at 15m. Sorry, you had your head tucked over until 15m, then you popped your head up rapidly. Acceleration posture, as described by Charlie, should go from horizontal to vertical very gradually. Your head should follow the action of your back (i.e. as your spine rises to vertical, your head follows). In your case, your head pops up, your torso shoots up and you are running tall quite early. Judging from your finishing speed, you can accelerate further than 15m.

Some light sled work over 20 and 30m can help you to work on the acceleration posture issue. The sled provides support and allows you to hold your acceleration posture more naturally. The sled should be no more than 10kg in total weight.

What are your hand-times to 30m?

Yea, you are right ! thanks, i’ll try to focus on that for a while. the cam rate was 15 fps…

hand timed i think last timed i checked it was 3.7 when i was 245 pounds.


Some other issues that I see are contacting the ground in front of your center of gravity and the lack of full extension of the plant leg during push off.

thanks, another chore to my hw
but isnt the incomplete extension normal to 6’2-6’3" sprinters ?

also- is it all skill related ? nothing structural that needs a fix right ? just practice

I’m right at 6’ 2" as well and I get full extension (though, I do have other issues to contend with). I don’t think it is a structural problem. I think both the contact in front of your center of gravity and the lack of extension are secondary to some issues with your hips.

Cool… i was thinking that because Asafa doesnt get full extension either…

So what kinda drills do u suggest that can help me fix that other than sprinting with that in mind ?

Who says he doesn’t get full extension?

Pretty sure charlie covered that before.

It depends on what is causing it. If it is weakness, then get stronger and continue sprinting. If it is dysfunction (i.e. not being recruited properly, etc.), then you need to find ways to do that. It could be through drills that mimic certain parts/aspects of sprinting performed on the track or in the weight room and then integrated back into your sprinting.

Dont think its sterength… i deadlift 500 and box squat 500 … full squat 160 kilos last time i did them.

Looks good to me other than your head going from 45degrees to 90degrees in one stride around 20m.

You think that fixing that COG\HEAD adjustment problem can shave 0.1 off my FAT for 30m ?

Anything is possible. .10 is alot. I might expect a few hundredths in a short period of time.

Cool, works for me.
I did a little restorative warmup today and I worked on running with full extension… it feels ok, but frequency suffers… is that normal ?


Use the clock as your guide though, to some extent. Don’t force any particular pattern that isn’t normal (so long as it isn’t causing injury) because there are people successful with a variety of “styles.” Gatlin–very long strides versus TMont with much shorter strides.