300-float-300 Sessions

I have a friend who advised me to run some 2x(300-float-300)@90% sessions in order to build 400m endurance. His recovery between reps is about 30-40s (enough time to jog back to 300 mark) with full recovery between sets (at least 20m). He also drops off considerably between the reps though (rep1: 39s and rep2: 45s).

I haven’t come across any session like this before and were wondering of its merits. I can’t see the benefits of running the last 200m of the second rep with so much LA buildup. I haven’t seen him run, but I’m sure his form is severely compromised.



We find 380 split runs (190/190 - r25s) to be a better session for specific 400 work. Indoors we go 300-200-100 (r<15s) and half during specific competition phase.

At what intensity are the runs? Do you do 2 sets with full recovery? I like the concept of 3-2-1 … do you also do that outdoors?

The 380 split is maximal with full recovery between sets of 2. This session follows an extensive low intensity tempo activity the day before and a big warmup prior to the runs.

Among other factors, the 3-2-1 works for us because of environment control and immediate readiness. Prior to major indoor comp phase, the better prepped athletes may do as many as 3 sets. When performed confidently and efficiently, these sessions go by very quickly! Frankly, we haven’t found an outdoor workout to-date to match it!

I might also add that 3-5x20-30m precedes the latter. We’ve experienced large special endurance gains from these sessions. Recovery is typically 2 days, since post work fatigue is very high! :wink:

I’m one of these who has always failed to improve on endurance. I never knew what to do. I always give it my all and never come out with the right kind of results. 3 years ago was my best state ( endurance wise ) running 10.88FAT in the 100m and 21.56 in the 200m. Now ( after a lot of ups and downs ) I can pull out a very easy 10.5, 10.6FAT. My personal best is actually 10.57FAT. But my 200m has gone up!!! its been 3 years and I can’t go below my 300m best (34.81)!!! I do 300s for special endurance and everytime I run I do a 35. One time I said I’ll hold on for about 3 months. And guess what. Always 35. only a season’s best of 35.17!
I hears about running splits instead of a whole 300m. So I did 3 x 2 x 150s. Never worked!! Nothing, no endurance. I think its causing me a problem now. To say the truth. I HATE anything above 150m. I also hate anything between 60m and 120m. I do train at that zone but I just seem to hate all that I don’t know why. talking about my tempo. for example my last session. 10 x 100m 1minute rest. I started with a 15 second and thought I’d approach 13 seconds as I go through the runs. But then it went the other way :frowning: running 17s and trying hard to not see an 18.
I only have one thing to say

Since you had some good progress in the 100 m and you don’t really like anything above 150-200 m, why bother with the 300 m? It might simply not be for you. Further improvement doesn’t have to come from such runs; in fact, as you get faster and faster in the 100 m, insisting on the “other end” might make things worse, at least psychologically…

About the last tempo session, something may need to be adjusted there; it seems it was too fast (e.g., 13 sec is ~80% of your 100 m time), or rests were too short… The tempo surface vs. track performance might be another factor…

Hope it helps!

Does that mean that I could simply do 150s for speed and special endurance sessions. I see 150 is just speed endurance! So what about special! I Do want to pull out a good 200m sometime. Not that its my favorite but that its still essential to do so.

I’ll upload a race of mine to be judged. Its blast 60m and then a very bad die. I believe that fixing this is not just enough with speed endurance. What about when its preperation time! There is no speed endurace then, may be just special. What should I do then?

What type of drop off (if any) are you experiencing between reps and sets?

Why not run your 3-2-1 outdoors?

6% between splits and 5% between sets during the latter part of SPP.

Again, no wind and changing temps. The former is a BIG problem in our area. In addition, indoor recovery is a walk across the fieldhouse (<15s).

Outdoor workouts that tend to come close are step-up/step-down duration runs. These are performed during the early long-to-short protocols in the Spring.

Excellent … thanks! I just came back from trying a 200/200 split, and my drop off was around 7%. I ran at about 95% though, so my speed should improve over the season. I tried a 300/100 split for my second set … less painful :).[/QUOTE]

No, 150s will be for Speed Endurance only! Even if you want to race well at 200 m, I still don’t see the point of, or as necessary in doing 300s and more so since you’ve tried them and seem to go against you; put some quality Speed Endurance into your training and see what happens with the 200 m. I am not saying it will definitely work, I am just suggesting things; you can always try things!

Also, I don’t get why 200 m is essential for you to run? Do you mean for your 100 m, or for some other reason (e.g., rankings, etc)?

If the blast is during the 200 m race, I don’t think this is the best way to run it; it’s not like 100 m.

Whether you follow a Long to Short, or a Short to Long programme will determine in a way the proportions between Speed and Special Endurance drills used.

I’ve uploaded my race and I would really like your qoute on that. Any other peoples comments would be really appreciated. I will post it on the video’s section so all comments can be there