30 meter block, 30 meter fly and losing speed

Try to follow me here…

I have a female runner that has not been working out for two months and ran a 12.31 in the state meet twomonths ago. In addition, she got off to a great start was caught with 30 meters to go.

She was just tested with a 4.35 for 30 meters out of the block which according to the graphs translates to a 11.7

Her flying 30 was a 3.55 which according to the graphs is an 12.2.

Obviously, she is very explosive…
I believed that max speed was not a problem I believed her problem was maintaining her maximal velocity.

Therefore, I am asking - Is her problem maxiaml velocity and if so what do you suggest?


With a 4.35 from blocks it does look like max speed is the primary issue. I think many times an inadequate max speed is mistaken for a speed endurance issue. Rarely is speed endurance the primary issue in the 100. Top speed is king! You can run 9.5m/s all day but if your opponent can hit 10m/s you are in trouble.

What helps top speed?
sprints up to about 60-70m
box jumps, depth landings, bounds

I have heard of a particualr theory regarding SPECIFIC depth jumps that affect top speed most.
ie-low box–>to ground–>to hi box

Maybe you should also consider looking closely at her posture at about the 60-70m mark. Is she leaning back too much. Many times this causes a loss of speed. Of course this is not a stand alone issue. Poor mech, weak core, popping up too early from the blocks, etc.
Via this website and my personal coaching exper… what you do out of the blocks can affect your accel–>that can affect your transition–> that can affect your delivery of max speed–> can affect your finish (ability to resist decceleration)


Do you have any other examples of those particular Depth Jumps?

I have been viewing her posture and trying to make determinations with her posture and I do believe that she does fight deacceleration.


i m quite sure that 3.55 isnt equal to 12.2 ! Its more equal to 12.6-.8.

How was the time out of the block clocked?

well before much is said re: posture I’d better mention relaxation first. If she is fighting off slowing down then she is probably…slowing down!
IF she is not relaxed and allowing to speed to come out then she is only turning on the antagonists that will hinder her further.
Flying sprints while practicing good lift tech. is a good start.
Everyone even top athl deaccel. So it is inevitable but the ability to stave it off as long as possible is aided by training tech.
GPP and CFTS, from what I understand are good ways to start researching this topic.
I will be getting my soon.

As far as depth variations…
jumping down from a 12in box to the grass then immed to a 24-36in box is the specific exercise I refer to.
long skipping is another way (KK) I have seen improvements to speed maintenance.

You might also consider strength endurance sub-sessions within certain cycles. Mach routines, though if performed properly, can also support improvement in the cited area(s).

Do you guys really think SpeedEnd is her issue? Have you seen the video that mcginles posted a while back? What do you all think of her fly-30 time if the goal is to run around 12.00? Maybe we could use some fly-10 data to eliminate the endurance factor of the fly?

Edit: ok, say she has perfect FloJo speedEnd…

4.35+3.55= 7.90 to 60m
7.90 + 3.55 = 11.45 to 90m
11.45 +1.18= 12.63

Is that the result you want :confused:

I agree with mortac here, if she is only reaching 3.55 from a flying 30 this is definately an issue of max velocity rather than endurance. Now if she had a great flying 30 and good start then obviously it would be more a question of endurance.

But hell you get out to a good start, the race is going to look close to 50m anyhow give or take, your athlete starts to lose the race at the end and your like well must be the endurance. Well if she gets out to a good start and has no max velocity a girl with better max velocity will gain on her and even with great endurance you may not be able to fend her off.

I have also seen studies that show the relation between force in like the first 1/10 a second after contact in a depth jump and max velocity. However I prefer to not use depth jumps often because of the high impact.

My 11.65 female runs 4.2x for 30m from blocks. I have no time for flying 30m but given that most girls running 11.8 or higher can only accelerate to about 30m anyway I think you have to take this into account. Improving the first 30 will no doubt also lead to higher top speed. Standing runs out to 40m may be useful for this - because of speed reserve and to reach a higher top speed they may need to practice accelerating further.

To get my 11.6 runner down from 11.9 this season we focused on the parts of here race she couldnt do… which was 60-80m. So Perhaps she simply needs to do more flying work over 60-80m to help her to hold form for these distances… At 11.6 my girl still cannot finish in the last 20m but she has improved dramatically none the less.

EDIT: These times are FAT from video first movement.

Again, what are we talking about for 30m times? Mcginles, are these hand timed, electronic start and beam finish, or touchpad start and beam finish? The answer holds huge weight in 30m starts.

Now that you have some more people on board, do you want to post the video of her race again?

The flying 30 was FAT and the block 30 was hand time…thanks for the help and interest.

Her time was a 12.31 (fat) she leads for the first 80 meters. I apolgize that the video is not the best quality.


In addition, those 4.35 and 3.55 were done after about 2 months of little or no excercise.


To get my 11.6 runner down from 11.9 this season we focused on the parts of here race she couldnt do… which was 60-80m. So Perhaps she simply needs to do more flying work over 60-80m to help her to hold form for these distances…

When did you start working on the 60s and 80s…I am starting to feel that I spend too much on the accl. development and do not spend enough time on max. velocity…

Last year she started to do 60s and 80s maybe 7-8 weeks out of the championship cycle and was still mixing in flying 30s and 40s at this time…am I not giving her enough time to advance her maximal velocity.


I thought I would try to get some respnses one more time…thanks

From what I see, She eventually should address the Speed End, but MV (if working left to right) should be the first priority.