3 point start Vs Block Start


I have a question with regards to a problem that I have. I seem to be able to start faster and more powerfully from the blocks with my right foot on the front pad. (the hand flick action feels faster with my right hand). But if I try to do a 3 point from this same way (right foot forward) it feels awkward and some what un-natural. (i feel unbalanced) But a 3 point start in my ‘natural’ starting position feels fine.

Is it a bad or confusing thing to execute both using different legs? What would you suggest Charlie?

Does anyone else have the same problem here…all views are welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a first! At least for me…

If it doesn’t cause too much trouble, I’d try for a while to stick to the same leg in all drills; if this doesn’t feel comfortable after a while and your block starts start getting affected, why change things?

I suppose, only time will tell; just be careful in changing things at the current phase you are in (i.e., competitive)

hope it helps!