3-1-3 cycle and westside

I was wondering if the 3-1-3 cycle is applicable to Westside. I do traditional and not WS4SB. I know Westisde takes into account overtraing by rotating ME exercises but I’m not able to do thing like board presses, floor presses and this limits my variety. Would unloading be beneficial even for Westside?


The WSB template works well with any number of sequenced distribution of loading strategies (eg 4-2, 3-1, 5-1, 6-2, etc)

Additionally, the WSB method works fantastically well in conjunction with CFTS. I am constructing a manual which is being published and sold through EliteFTS which will illustrate numerous permutations of the WSB method and CFTS.

Make sure you let it known when you have finished it. :smiley:

Will do. Prior to finalization I want to get Charlie’s ominous dominous on the project.

Speaking of; Charlie, I sent you a few emails and have not heard back. If you read this post please let me know either here or through email what you think.

Board presses can allways be done, bring a phone book, bundle up a towel etc. everything can be secured to your chest with a rubber band.

Floor presses can always be done in a powerrack or if you have a partner that can deadlift your floorpress max :smiley:

Creativity is the key :slight_smile:

My football coach would have a fit with board presses, etc. And we don’t have a power rack. Woe is me but I’ll just stick to traditional bench press.