2nd Year College Short Sprinter Journal


pre-meet (functional warm-up, stretch & self-massage)


full warm-up
a couple blast outs
400m -> 56.25
15’ ice l. ankle


-pretty disappointing time (it got slower?) but nonethless, not like it was unexpected as I’ve rarely run longer races, and my shape as far as endurance goes is horrendous as I can see from my hill runs. cardio isn’t the issue, just muscularlly my legs lose it
-felt great coming down the back straight then really hit a wall at about 250, and really crawled for the last 100m


stretch & self-massage

-right pec actually pretty sore from bowling night before


full warm-up
2xstanding starts
8xhill runs (~100-150m, walk back rest)
3xcircuit #2

7/16 lift
stretch & self-massage

15’ ice l. ankle

-acceleration and top speed are feeling more and more comfortable. my goal is to be very set with my technique going into the season since I think my switching around of cueing/mechanics so often has hampered my improvements the last couple years
-cueing right now is “flick the wrist” and “pop” to exit my stance, then “running away” as if somethings going to catch me, but making sure that my body is fully extended or as tall as possible while at top speed
-ability to lift for reps is still pretty horrendous, and going deep on the squats also really lightens up the weight I can put up (though I definitely hit parallel while normally squatting, the higher bar position and hammys to calves of the full squat knock down my the weight I use 50-100 lbs)
-some wheezing was occurrign near the end of my hill runs, I think I will be taking my inhaler before these runs as I assume some sort of allergies are makiong my asthma work up a bit


stretch and self-massage

-some gluteal soreness


some basketball
25’ jog
full warm-up
1’ jump rope
3’ stationary bike
7/17 lift

15’ ice l. ankle


full warm-up
9xhill runs (to technique deterioration)
3 pt starts and a fly
stretch & self-massage

15’ ice l. ankle


full warm-up
7/19 lift
30’ jog

15’ ice l.ankle

full warm-up
some starts
3xsteep hill start
3xstair run (concentrate on “driving”)
3x110 yd build up on grass
7/20 lift



-significant hammy doms. almost surely a result of the romanian deadlifts (I haven’t done those since last fall). It’s funny, because I didn’t even break 90 lbs and it made me massively sore. many kids on my team are throwing on well over 200 lbs and say they don’t get sore from it at all, I can’t tell if their hammy strength is just that much greater than mine, or if they are doing like what I was doing early in my lifting days (not getting a big enough stretch of the hammys while lowering the weight, so I was throwing on like 250 lbs)
-took some video and I would like to see my arm swing approach the midline a bit more at my start


full warm-up
2xcircuit #3

7/23 lift
5’ jump rope
15’ erg

ice l.heel 15’

-arm swing approached midline much better. I’d still like to see my 2nd step be more of a push (as the higher heel recovery looks to be resulting from applying force less parallel to my body), but I really wanted to cue on arm swing and the wrist flick, and in a day I think it would be unwise to fix more than one thing or concentrate on more than 2. in my warm up power outs for the rest of this week I’ll take tape and try to “push” on that second step better, though once I get in starting blocks, I believe the lower exit angle might just make the issue disappear on its own (body angle is at or slightly above 45* at toe off of this step, so if I am attempting to apply force mostly straight back, then when my body is at a lower angle, the force will be applied closer to parallel to my body)
-did some of the starts out to 30-40m and I realize I was trying too hard to stay down and was overstriding during that section of the race that is always so weak for me (15-30m), when I let myself come up more naturally I really could be “floating” by 30m and never felt tense or locked up
-upper glute doms next morning. I’m thinking as a result of “speed skates” that are in the circuit. hammys were still a bit sore by workout time


full warm-up

15’ stationary bike
7/24 lift

5xhill run (old farm cir. hill, ~100 yards)
stretch & self-massage

ice l. heel

-major upper glute soreness
-heel recovery was lower, drive phase extended a bit and hip rotation more natural in the starts. in the first couple steps I think my problems may have been caused by pushing out the back too hard and forcing the knees up/driving arms too hard (ironically)
-0-10m - scramble, 10-20m - drive, 20-30m - transition, 30-40m - start to float/upright accel, 40m+ - float and relax



-still some gluteal soreness
-watched some video of myself and of more skilled sprinters and I think I actually should be seeing my knee get closer to my midline. my knees will tend to flail outwards, which im sure reduces power output, and makes me look stiff if I end up side stepping at all

Re - ankle
Two things i would check,
1 - Forget the ankle, check the Calf muscle and surrounding muscles - look for trigger points, or tight spots. If you cannot remove them, go see someone who can.

2 - I would check for Hip alignment, not just up and down, but twisted also. Eg, if your Left hip is more forward, therefore the right is further back (twisted), then when you run, your left foot will hit the ground before the center line of your body, and your right one will (or should) hit the center line of your body (on ground contact during the stride that is). If this happens, then the left foot will never recover.

You need to find somebody in your area who can 1 - check these, and 2 - fix it.

Note, i’m not saying THIS is your problem - it’s just the 1st thing i would look for. Reason - highly popular

After years of frustration I am finally starting to fully appreciate the fact that where an injury or soreness manifests is generally an indication of where high demand has been placed on the body rather than where the actual cause (and potential solution) actually is…

just a stab in the dark here, but would tight glutes (medial and responsible for external rotation?), along with TFL, possibly contribute to the outwards movement of the knees??

Yes, remember, the tfl is not a muscle, it’s a band, and the muscles that control it are up in the hip. Normally when people feel release in that area, it’s the Lateral head of the thigh. And boy, that can get super tight in runners!

issues normally always happen in clusters. Eg, if the outside hip is tight, the the outside thigh normally gets tight, and the outside calf normally gets tight. You may also have Lats tightness in your back? Depending on issues, the problem can easily swap sides from the upper hip and upwards, eg, right leg but left upper body.

Tfl is hard to stretch out. You have to work the angles a bit. I’ve recently been targeting that area and it is really helping. If I follow the chain of tension it goes all the way from the outside of my left knee, up through the right side of my back (lats, as you just said), through my traps to my neck, and down into my right forearm. Loosening the forearm and shoulder area is helping my hip function/recovery greatly…


full warm-up
5x2 hill runs (xc hill, ~80m, short flat walk in between reps, long walk after set, its a very long hill with a flat section in the middle)
7/26 lift
15’ ice l. heel, right thumb joint, right inner thigh

-heel pain mostly gone, just I notcied a bit of tightness while walking barefoot on hard surface post workout. right thumb joint has always been an issue with me since I jammed it and temporarily had a ligament move out of place 4 years ago. right inner thigh just felt a bit tight and tender to the touch so I was being proactive
-thought about having everything approach the midline during my warm-up drills, and wow, my ability to have my hips move is awful, haha. I thought itd feel more natural and flowing, but I actually had trouble letting the hips rotate. also tried to let my hips swivel and keep the knees in during power outs. maybe doing all the drills loosened em up a bit, because it was a bit better when i just ran and didnt think, knees not flailing out as much. when trying to go through the motions in a couple reps, I finally saw that type of side to side motion that is “good” in pro sprinters, that I never had, so im thinking its a hip mobility issue for me. I also think that, structurally, I am not built to let my legs have too much movement inwards on the recovery portion, or my knee on the front swing (bolt and powell’s actually cross their midline while behind the body, sometimes) because I am significantly bowlegged so my knees cant swing by too close to one another or I’d clip my calf and trip (powells thighs nearly touch in his accel strides). i definitely see variations in how close the legs are to one another and how much roation is occurring, but going from none to at least some and not letting my legs bend outwards i think would definitely benefit me

Thanks for the input! I’ll try to respond to each post…

  1. my left leg has always had recurrent problems since a partial tear in my pcl several years ago (ranging from hip tightness right down to the foot arch. but as far as this injury, I’m positive this occurred because of crappy long jump form combined with my bowlegs. I was just having fun with teh event at a local meet and rolled my ankle, but was stepping down so hard to jump that I really bent my ankle and managed to get a big contact bruise. and since heels get so much daily wear and tear, its been slow to heal (haha, pun) and i’m just being careful with it so it wont be a problem once team training starts. no real pain from it anymoere, just icing to make sure all the swelling is gone

  2. this could be a possiblity. everytime i’ve gone into pe i’ve had some sort of hip alignment issue. if more problems occur I’ll have the trainer at my school take a look at it in about a month

I agree. my lower back tightness, which seemed to be remedied by stretching and massage, was really caused by internal hip tightness, so my massage therapist cured it without ever even touching my back! squatting always did it to me, but not because of back pressure or poor form, just because my hips were inflexible!

is the tfl the muscle on the outside of the thigh that would bulge out while/from squatting? on my upper, outer thigh, when I squat, the muscle grows so quickly I have stretch marks. and I think that being bowlegged contributes more to this than glute tightness. most of my major muscles are flexible enough that coaches don’t push me to stretch much

I could potentially have lat tightness, as I actualyl have trouble shoulder pressing because to get my arms to push straight up with majoraly arching my back is very difficult for me, and if I just hang from a pull up bar I get a major stretch