23 Y.O New to competing.

Gday fellas just looking for any general advice tips you can throw at me. I got bored with doing weights and jogging to stay fit and amped it up to competing in local track meets in 60m, 100m, 200m and 400m. Thankfully (due to the olympics) there is an international standard outdoor track where I can go and thrash it.

Im 171cm (5"8.5’) 70kg (154lbs).

Have only competed a few times, been training sporadically for about 3 months. PBS in competition so far are:

60m: 7.51 (Multiple timers Averaged)
100m: 11.9 (Multiple timers)
200m: 25.3 (Multiple timers)
400m: 59.1 (Single hand timer)

I feel like I have the potential to run into the low 11s for 100m. This is basically my goal, to run something like an 11.2 100m, just for fun. Any comments on what sort of times I should aim for? SprintTraining tips? Etc… How often should I train and what sort of volume and intensity should i do? Anyway, im having fun, love the natural speed rush, let me know if there is anything i could do to improve this. :slight_smile:

Everyone here will probably recommend you buy Charlie’s products, probably CFTS first?. But if you just read along here, learn to use the search function, you can learn a lot. Good luck.