2015 WC's

Happy to have been proven wrong! Usain Bolt seems simply incapable of losing a major final.

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one of the best finals. It was up for grabs. I wanted to wait for tv coverage to watch in HD, but I kne with the internet it would get spoiled for me.


CAble is dead Chris. Apparently the cable company here (Rogers) were inadvertantly and politely trying to get some friends of mine to keep their cable but the company was no longer going to charge them for it. The point was the cable companies need to show that their customers are not dropping off like flies ( which they are) as they are no longer able to compete with live streams on computers and live feeds. There was no broadcast in Toronto this morning of any of the World Championships.

De Grasse didn’t want to believe the tie for a while as he was listed below Bromell. Impressive for those guys.

I think moving forward you need to be highly technically skilled in finding a way to see the various events you want to see live and or you need to make sure you have the latest and greatest smart phone and or computers that are compatible with what is going on with regards to who is broadcasting. It did not take me long to find a live stream. IAAF had radio. LOL. The BBC feed kept cutting in and out but the site itself that I posted a link for had 3 options or channels. Channel one was not very good ( the BBC) but channel 2 was HD and like watching TV.

Impressive in the extreme for DeGrasse. What an unbelievable season this guy has had. Did anyone read the article where his coach was discussing the planning of his season?

That is sad. Especially since Canada has a dog in this race. NBC here couldve atleast had a live stream set up. Track is of little importance to north america.

WHy didnt degrasse run the 200? WHos smart idea was that?


TRAYVON BROMELL what’s an amazing progress for such a young man.
Last year silver at juniors this year bronze at the highest level. Wow.

personally I think theres a lot of behind the scenes politics going on with this particular race. read between the lines and read/listen to what the media and certain iaaf jocks were praying for. we can clearly see gatlin wobble/breakdown at 80m+ but his plan was flawless and well rehearsed all year. hes immaculate in his prep and was clearly the man to beat. hes been dropping 9.7s all year without a taper and looked like .6 shape in the semi and to let this happen in the final was totally unlike him. anyone else concur?

Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet, however, I think more than anything, at least from a distance, Gatlin “hurt” himself (as impressive as it was because he looked like he was shutting it down) by going 9.83 in the heats. Granted, Gatlin’s 9.83 looked so easy that I thought he’d drop something super fast in the final; however, we’ve seen athletes do this time and time again historically. By comparison Bolt jogged a 9.96 in the heats and while it looked like Powell’s 9.96 in the heats was also very easy he clearly paid for something in the final as well.

All in all I’d wager Gatlin blew his chance because of the 9.83 in the heat. He was +2meters ahead of the next guy so he clearly could have ran a much slower time and had more juice for the final.

hmmm…yes you have a point but I still think theres alot of stuff happening behind the scenes. gatlin has a very strong head and his self belief especially this season is superior. as I said hes been dropping .7’s all this year week in week out. his race plan never changed and has been immaculate all year in his performances. to see him breakdown at 80m+ was unscripted and totally the opposite to what we ever seen from gatlin. the iaaf jocks got their wish and also the media buffs!

In the, often corrupt, world of international level sport I surely wouldn’t rule out any “funny business”. That said, despite how monstrously impressive Gatlin has been all season this is the first time he dropped such a fast time (the 9.83) in such close proximity to another race (the final) so I’m more inclined to go with that bet.

His loss of form at 80m+ could just as easily been a reaction to the fact that Bolt was giving him all he wanted.

dont agree at all. a fast prelim, a fast semi, two hours later your body is not recovered. Gat has ran alot of races this and last year.
Gat knew that if bolt was with him to 60 he would have to go. bolt was on his ass at 60 and gat tried to go. his whole race patteren was different this race. Gat looked like he was going for more turnover instead of relaxed power Like usual.
Bolt relaxed right pass gat while gat started swimming and then he drowned. lol.
I did that exact same thing during my last race. Pressure can bust pipes, and gats pipe was busted. No conspiracy, just athletics.

^^^^^why did you post this?

Trying to re-accelerate when your’e leading and somebody comes up in your peripheral vision, and end up overstriding is a natural impulse and a common mistake.
The 9.77 run in the semis, basically all out, did even more damage than the 9.83w in the heats. Same for Rodgers who went 9.86 in the semis but finished out of the medals.

Now about Bolt: Did the toe drag from the blocks cause the stumble in the semis? He really scraped the surface with his left foot.

Agreed regarding the 9.77, completely failed to mention that as well a Rodger’s 9.86.

As for Bolt’s stumble in the semi’s, if you look at in in super slow motion you’ll see that he had cleans lines of complete extension on contact 1, 2, and 3 then going into the 4th contact his head noticeably drops (which I think was him forcing the accel) and this change in COG is, in my opinion, the reason for the stumble.

Isn`t the IAAF youtube livestream available for everyone in CanadaÉ